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Naked man in Oregon made news in Va

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  • Naked man in Oregon made news in Va

    I don't know why, but they had a news item about a naked man in Oregon on the LOCAL news this morning. They showed some footage of his being seen working naked on his property. The report is that the police say there's nothing they can do about it. Yeah!

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    Go to this site for the full story



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      My computer runs too slow in dial up mode to get this video story. Seems if he's been naked in his yard for 20 years, it is 20 years too late to complain about it, especially if he is not doing anything but yard and gardening stuff!


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        The story surprises me in that nobody seems to care about this guy, who apparently has a rap sheet about child molestation. The issue about nudity is no big deal, but being nude when kids are present is somewhat puzzling, especially since there was a complaint issued. I guess as long as he remains behind his own property boundries, there is nothing the local law enforcement can do.


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          I agree. The nudity, in and of itself, does not disturb me, but the child molestation charge bothers me. It certainly brings his going nude when the bus comes round in to suspicion.


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            Having a child molestation rap he is stupid for being any where around naked when the school buss comes by, legal or not.


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              Shaybare and NakedGary both make good points.

              I think there is a bigger problem. It reinforces the idea that nudity, exhibitionism, and nundism are interrelated.

              If one lives in a textile area, and the neighbors are offended, and there is no shielding or privacy, then the nudity really is a form of exhibitionism.

              Responsible nudists and/or naturists should consider offering assitance to the neighbors to get him stopped. Otherwise, the backlash against nudism could start a trend that runs global.

              i.e. Bill O'Reilly or someone like him raising the issue and making it a media favorite.


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                Stop him from doing what? Being nude,? According to the Police he hasnt broken a law. I think if nudists try to stop this guy then we would could be shooting ourselves in the foot. I think the police officer made this case clear by stating. If he does something sexual in public view then he is being indecent and breaking the law. But just being naked isnt a crime. I cheared when i heard that. It is however too bad that this guy has had a prior conviction of child porn. And that it has to be an issue with this. It does look bad for nudists.
                They said his conviction by the way was 20 years ago.


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                  Actually He Has broken a law.
                  Deputies say they searched his home and found boxes and computer hard drives stuffed with child pornography. McKenzie is currently free on bail for the child porn charges. He goes to trial in late September,
                  This guy is trouble, and has been for decades.
                  I just hope his actions don't get Oregon to change their nudity laws.

                  Oregon has the law written the way it should be. Simple nudity isn't a crime on your own property.
                  Acting in a Lewid or sexual manner is.

                  It's obvious that this isn't a case of people harrassing a well mannered nudist. This guy deserves the attention he is receiving.

                  I just hope he doesn't bring the good "Law Abiding" Nudists any problems.



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                    The local news said nothing about this guy's past.

                    This is the kind of thing that got the teen nudist camps in trouble in Va. It got on the national news. Then some congress people got in on the act and required parents to be present at the camps. They aren't required at any clothed summer camps.

                    Yeah. I hope it doesn't cause more restrictive laws to be passed in Oregon.


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                      Yes this guy is a creep and is not a good poster guy for nudists. I agree with that but what I like is the police stated the law being naked is not a crime. It is any public sexual acts that is the crime. So this states what nudists have been saying all along that nude does not equal sex and nude is not an indecent act.

                      I saw the news coverage on my local news the other night and I dont remember the part about him being on probation. From what I recall hearing was that he was convicted many years ago.


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                        He sounds like trouble, but are we hearing 'true' reports, or not.


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                          The trouble as I see it is that this guy is a child molester and he is exposing himself to kids. He gets off on it! This is going to have an effect on the way the laws regarding nudity in Oregon are written. They will just have to re-write them in order to protect kids from sexual predators like this guy. I am all for being nude on your own property and not having to worry about nosey neighbors calling the cops but this guy is doing this for a reason to get off on exposing himself to kids. The result is that is going to give us all a bad name as all nudists of every stripe will get painted with the same brush.