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    2007 Burning Man Collection of images for inclusion to CFI Photo's of Freedom category "Burning Man Nevada"

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    Arrest made after Burning Man torched early
    40-foot effigy supposed to be set ablaze at end of counterculture festival

    8/27/2007 AP news story on Burning Man being Burnt early!

    SAN FRANCISCO - A San Francisco man was arrested early Tuesday after allegedly burning the namesake effigy of the Burning Man counterculture festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert four days early.

    Paul Addis, 35, of San Francisco, was booked into the Pershing County jail on suspicion of arson and illegal possession of fireworks, according to the sheriff's department. No other details were immediately available, the department said. Addis remained in custody midday Tuesday.

    Traditionally, the approximately 40-foot tall wooden structure gets set ablaze on Saturday, the ceremonial climax of the annual event.

    The festival's in-house fire department, the Black Rock City Emergency Services Department, extinguished the 2:58 a.m. fire, according to a statement posted on the Burning Man Web site. The fire also damaged part of the Green Man Pavilion, the exhibition space on which the figure was perched, the statement said.

    No injuries were reported, the statement said.

    Structure to be repaired
    Organizers of the art, music and performance festival, which draws thousands of people to the remote northern Nevada desert, said the gathering that started Monday would go on as planned. They said it would take about two days to repair the structure, which was still standing.

    "We have the means and the will. The event continues on schedule, and the man will burn on Saturday night," Andie Grace, a Burning Man spokeswoman said via email.

    Organizers said "there has been no discussion of motive" in the incident.

    The festival began in 1986 at San Francisco's Baker Beach, and was moved to the Black Rock Desert in 1990. That year, the effigy was accidentally cut up with a chain saw and had to be reassembled before the ritual burning, Grace said.


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      Thanks for the neat gallery of pictures.


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        Wonderful pictures! One of these years...


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          Wow, Looks like you had fun. I must go some year. Just have to have the time is all. Thanks for sharing the pics, they are GREAT!


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            Really interesting


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              Fantastic pictures. You obviously have a talent for photography.

              If I ever have the time and money this is one thing I defiantly want to do.


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                Thanks for this chance to get in on the action at Burning Man.

                Peace -- WN


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                  Great shots. I noticed the photo credits - is the Chronicle a large newspaper or website?

                  And howcum no nude folk like in previous years? Hope this Festival hasn't turned conservative!


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                    Originally posted by Journeyman:
                    Great shots. I noticed the photo credits - is the Chronicle a large newspaper or website?

                    And howcum no nude folk like in previous years? Hope this Festival hasn't turned conservative!
                    The photos (most of them, anyway) are from the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. There were a few nude people visible in at least one shot, but since they were taken for a large newspaper, I wouldn't expect them to publish a lot of nudes.



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                      Beautiful pictures, will use one for my background. Nicely done, thanks.


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                        It's to be expected with 45,000+ people in attendance, but it's sad to read that it's not all fun and games at Burning Man 2007.

                        "Docs, cops busy putting out fires at largest-ever Burning Man"

                        Saturday, September 1, 2007

                        Before 10 a.m. Wednesday, medical supervisor Jonathan Washko already had seen one Burning Man participant whisked away by helicopter in critical condition, another with a broken left arm, another with a face burn from a fire accident, half a dozen people overcome by dehydration, and a stream of Burners with bloodied knees, stubbed toes and sunburned noses.

                        Washko, who is a director of the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority, the Reno-based medical agency that serves the festival, expects the infirmary to get more crowded as the weekend progresses and record numbers of attendees descend on the desert festival.

                        "Some people just get a little too relaxed and crazy out here and take more risks," he said Wednesday. "It'll reach a crescendo by Saturday."

                        As the festival's awe-inspiring art installations and free-spirited tone have attracted more participants to Nevada's Black Rock Desert since 1990 - the number of attendees is expected to top 45,000 this year - the crowds also have increased the workload for medical and law enforcement personnel who oversee the event...

                        San Francisco Chronicle story link [includes some photos & a video] -


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                          Fantastic pics. Thanks!!


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                            I'll upload some of mine as soon as I can resize them...

                            Great year although I am in bed each night by about midnight so I miss all the all night parties.

                            Lots of windstorms this year but the full sky double rainbow more than made up for it.

                            All I can say is that the "monkeys" art installation totally rocked. I watched it for half an hour in total awe....

                            Chris - Atlanta Runner


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                              Burning Man from 12,000 ft AGL Above Ground Level from a glider.