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Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

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  • Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

    The American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR realizes for nudism to grow, it will have to reach out and attract guests in their 20's and 30's.

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    Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

    Originally posted by Davin View Post
    The American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR realizes for nudism to grow, it will have to reach out and attract guests in their 20's and 30's.
    ]I kind of find it funny that this is coming out of Terra Cotta considering it is a couples only resort. Most young people are not married, they are either single or in long term partnership (FYI: it is quite a trend among young people to not marry). In addition, young people like to do such activities in groups with other friends (same and opposite sex) so why exactly does Terra Cotta care considering it really doesn't cater to that demographic?
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      Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

      I always wondered if this had to do with the lack of a strong web presence for nudists/naturists.

      I always thought it was.. (in order of priority)..
      #1 - A large number of lurkers not really interested in being nudist/naturists. They would rather ask loaded questions here or other forums than go to a sex site.

      #2 - The older the demo--- the less likely than younger folks to be on the internet on the topic.

      #3 - People who go to a resort or beach a few times year, but don't consider themselves nudists/naturists.


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        Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

        Another reason = the naturist / nudist business and its marketing methods in the last 10 years. Particularly by AANR =


        .. which scared off enough young people, and young families. Yes, there are affordable nudist options in this country. There's something for every budget. But that was abandoned in the 90s, and the industry went crazy promoting upscale resorts, while ignoring the "Mom and Pop" clubs, except to convince their members to retain AANR membership and pay ever-escalating annual dues.

        Two of those "300 resorts just like these!" -- that were used heavily in sending the "upscale" message - are no longer affiliated with AANR. What an irony!


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          Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

          As a long time home nudist, I have hoped that nudism would grow and gain in popularity so that I, along with many others, could meet and be socially nude with other nudists. Even during the 1970s, in the height of counter culture movement, few turned to nudism as a lifestyle. Over time, nudism got the image as being for swingers and not for families, thereby discouraging others, particularly younger people, from participating. Gradually, mostly older people were the only ones that felt that they had the money and opportunity to participate, mostly through landed and also some non-landed clubs, as there are very few beaches or parks that even tolerate social nudism.

          As I have traveled around the country, I have noticed the lack of advertising from nudist landed clubs or organizations. Until the Internet, it was difficult to know that they even exisedt. Not once can I recall that the AANR (or ASA, as it was once called) ever advertised on TV, Radio, or newspapers, promoting nudism and its benefits. Clubs that do exist tend to be very restrictive about memberships or even visiting.

          I seems to me that, the only way for nudism to grow is to initially attract young women, as young men will surely follow, eventually followed by families. But, young women would be attracted only by convincing advertising and a family friendly environment. So, it is a chicken and egg problem. But, without a commitment to grow, nudism will continue to decline and the few parks that still exist today will continue selling out to clothed uses.

          What ideas to others have to get the growth ball rolling?



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            Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

            In my opinion, it can't grow at least not as a result of anything AANR and it's network of clubs can or will do. The AANR and it's clubs have built a system which penalizes people for being single, for being one half of a couple, or for being a casual participant. Their interest lies mainly in maintaining outdated policies and appeasing current membership regimes.

            In the 20+ years I have lived in Southern California, I have not once seen one mainstream advertisement for any nudist club. Other than Florida, what area would be a better place to raise awareness? The closest I have seen is a billboard outside of Glen Eden (which normally you pass by at 75 mph) which was touting some weekend offering for new interested parties...and that I only recall seeing once or twice...

            Think about it...What's going to happen if they advertise? Let's try one possible scenario:

            (please spare me complaints about the math and these assumptions, this is just to illustrate the problem...however, these assumptions are based on actual rules in place at clubs today)

            A club advertises at the local college...let's say 100 people are interested. History tells us that the overwhelming majority of people who respond will be male...let's say for illustrative purposes that it's 90% male. That leaves 10 girls and 90 guys.

            Well, if like most clubs here, they practice gender balancing, you can knock off 80 of the guys right off the bat. That leaves 10 girls and 10 guys...and that assumes all 10 girls will want to visit. What if half change their mind? Then you can knock off 5 more guys too. That leaves 10 total people who could visit the club at best.

            However, the established club members might still take issue with single guys descending on the club...Deer Park for example, limits the unaccompanied guys to 3 or 5 - I don't recall which...and I can't be sure they count the single females into that equation, or just the actual men that try to pass through the gate. Olive Dell also turns single guys away. I have seen it done first hand at both. I have seen Olive Dell turn away a male visitor just because he didn't have a valid AANR card at the time...huh?

            And even then, unless all of those 10 people are willing to pay for a yearly membership, they will be limited to around 3 you can cut the 10 down to something even lower.

            How about this scenario:

            So what if they have a ladies only weekend to get girls interested and comfortable? Besides being discriminatory, what happens when word gets out that nudist clubs have a large amount of single ladies present...of course: men will likely again descend on the club in much, much greater numbers, only to be turned away again.

            As you can see, the clubs system and its antiquated rules are choking out any possibility of growth.


            Clubs only need enough members to survive. Any given club has a finite amount of resources...only so many people can sit around the pool, only so many tennis courts, only so many bathrooms. If the club's membership grows too much, people will feel overcrowded and uncomfortable and will complain. the existing members are satisfied just that the club stays open and it's not too crowded. So again, they have no incentive to grow. I was a member at Glen Eden years ago and some of the long time members said on many occasions, they liked it when it not too crowded, or loud, etc.

            The problem stems mostly from the American view of nudity. Other countries have a much more free thinking mindset and don't see simple nudity as a bad thing - here though, we are stuck in puritanical times.

            Besides changing the underlying attitude in this country (good luck)...I think the fight - if there is to be one - should be around keeping public lands open to nudity, either beaches or lakes or parks etc. But don't expect AANR to join that fight - there is no revenue for them from free beaches. If we can at least have designated areas where nudity is allowed, we can count that as a victory.

            And for those people who want to be able to walk to the mailbox naked on a public cul-de-sac, you are living a pipe dream - it's not going to happen. Not in our lifetime or longer...If you want that, you have to live way out in the country.
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              Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

              I agree they do, though I think that in the US and the UK they may not, and some will close. I am not au fait with the marketing by the AANR. BN in the UK seems to be an organisation that has been unable to adapt to attract new members in the way it could, and I think should, by being a campaigning organisation. It's more of a trade group in my view.

              Fortunately for anyone in the UK there are still a few naturist beaches and a few places where anyone can turn up on the day. Cheap flights and the Eurostar make a continental option accessible, and the French, Germans and those from the low countries are much more adult about nudity anyway.


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                Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                I agree with scrptman, AANR is not that answer. We need more grassroot movements and naked protests! We need to find a way to get young people involved without fees and discriminatory acts based on gender.

                If you desire to be naked, then make it be known so! Why must we constantly hide behind a veil or the front of a club?


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                  Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                  scrptman raises some interesting points. The AANR won't ever succeed in promoting nude recreation - it's too steeped in old-fashioned ideas and restrictive practices. But there's surely a bigger contradiction? Everyone says that nudity doesn't equal sexuality. So why do clubs restrict numbers of single males??? What's that actually saying?

                  My wife and I have been to lots of nude resorts, and we've never for a moment bothered to wonder how many single males were there. Indeed, we've met some great single guys on holiday - interesting, sensible, committed naturists. Because of our home situation, we also take separate vacations, and I'll often go off to a naturist resort on my own. I've never found that to be a problem, as naturists generally are open, welcoming people.

                  If naturism is to grow, it needs to be portrayed as a really low-key thing. It should be fun. Optional. Enjoyable. Open to all. Closer to nature. No tan lines. Skinny-dipping. Fun! Only then will it attract the younger crowd, who'll end up naked, will enjoy the experience and, most importantly, will come back for more. So tear up the rule books, and concentrate on getting new people along!


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                    Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                    I don't think that there is one answer.
                    People are too different.
                    Some young adults don't want to be part of a movement, they may just want to be around skinny-dipping in low-key places where nudity is normalized.
                    Others may want protest style stuff.
                    Some want to be comfortable with their circle of friends, others want to try to be around strangers first.


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                      Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                      I agree that AANR has not done a good job recruiting young people and I have some issues with there male to female quota systems.

                      That being said I enjoy going to my club and feel it is important to belong to a national organization if not AANR then TNS. TNS picked up the ball from the earlier Free Beach Movement of the late 60's and 70's. I belonged to this organization back when I was mainly a beach nudist. I wish we had more representation however we have to use what we have and try to expand it and make it better. I would support a more aggressive marketing campaign to bring in more members. I think most clubs would like to have more members. I know there are some clubs who feel they have too many members but these are the minority. The skinny dipping event has had success and I hope it continues but we need to be more creative and use some traditional marketing to get the word out. My club has a big event a Bare Buns Fun Run we had our 25th annual BBFR last summer it brings in quite a crowd but very few end up joining the club. I think most of the population just out grew the club system. Used to be people belonged to clubs everything from Elks Lodge to Shriners to your bowling league. Those days are gone here in the US however in Australia they still have a strong club system. I think we Americans just like to be able to do as we please and not tie ourselves down or commit to a club. That is the fundemental change and we still have not adjusted to the new reality.

                      Something AANR should do is to issue limited use memberships that were honored by all it's associated clubs. That way someone could go to several clubs and get a feel for which one may be right for them. Hell they should promote free first time passes some clubs do and some have so called open house days. But these need to be marketed better. Very few people know about them. I do recall seeing a bus bench sign for a local nudist club back in the 70's but that kind of direct marketing is not being used much now. I think AANR clubs should try to get on radio and TV more there have been a few of those in our area but usually only for the big events like the skinny dip thing. What ever they do the better get serious about it and do something soon.


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                        Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                        I heartily agree with NudeAl about needing to adjust to "the new reality." It doesn't really have to be a radical departure for clubs -- just getting out in the community more, participating in activities where the "younger customers" are. We could be walking clothed but as a naturist group in breast cancer "walks for the cure", organizing sport teams that may play in clothed leagues but as naturists (and then see if any teams want to come to the club where we can play au natural), sponsoring skinny-dipping times at community or college pools (as sort of the guarantor of a safe friendly atmosphere) when anybody can swim (not just members), joining in nature-related clubs and activities as a naturist sub-group, etc.

                        Reaching out in these kinds of ways puts friendly local faces on naturism, demonstrates that nude recreation can be a natural extension of (not totally separate from) activities that young people already enjoy, and puts (clothed but identifiable) naturists in contact with people so that an invitation to visit/join a naturist club can be a informal extension of ongoing acquaintance. Participating in community groups as a sub-group from the local naturist club both gives shy naturists a structured opportunity to be more open and gives non-naturists a chance to re-evaluate their preconceptions of what kind of people are comfortable without clothing.

                        The foundation is then laid for all types of new AANR/TNS club-sponsored local memberships -- Saturday Skinnydippers passes, Metropolitan Resorts Trial coupon books, Third-Tuesday Nude Bowling Club memberships, Natural Cooking Club memberships, Forest Hikers memberships, Clothing-Optional Cyclists memberships, Movie Buffs,... gosh, perhaps a full Naturist Club membership could even be offered (with a youth rate of course!) to those who discover that doing fun things in the buff is actually quite pleasant!


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                          Re: Businesses like nudism need to attract younger customers

                          I live in Australia myself, and contrary to what NudeAl says, the club scene is diminishing in this country as well. The Australian Nudist Federation does stuff-all to make our lifestyle attractive and appealing to young people, especially with changes in young people's lifestyles and values.

                          It doesn't help that most Australian nudist places discriminate against single men as members, and the few new venues that have opened up in the last 20 years refuse to allow families with children.

                          So I think that at the end of the day it's really the nudists and not people in the church or the government who are to blame for the reason why our lifestyle isn't gaining more respect.

                          The AANR have the group Vita Nuda which is aimed at people aged between 18-35 years old. They've got their own channel on YouTube and their main video has had over 4 million hits to it. So I'm wondering how successful they really are with winning new converts over?

                          Youth nudist activists are very few and far between, unlike young environmental activists or Christian activists. Both these philosophies of life have no trouble with getting younger people involved. So what is the nudist movement doing wrong that the other two are doing right?

                          If you look at it: the Christian movement is out to provide help, health, almsgiving and shelter to those who are living hard and on skid row. The environmentalist movement is out to provide education about issues like global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect and discouraging consumerism.

                          The nudist movement.....what socially redeeming qualities does it have to endear people to it? Exposure of the skin to the sun may be fine but we've got skin cancer. Body acceptance is all good, but why is it that those who preach it the most are overweight and ugly? Non-sexual but why are there so many swingers and single male lonely hearts who are the most enthuasiastic propagators?

                          So yes, it looks like our movement could do with a re-assessment of itself if we are to be taken seriously. You can't fool children or teenagers, you might get off with it once but at the end of the day they will tell the real story.