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Woman Photographed Nude with Children

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  • Woman Photographed Nude with Children

    A woman in Brownsville was photographed nude with her three children fully dressed. When Wal-Mart photo lab employee saw the photos she called police. Police say she didn't know it was a crime. She was charged with indecent exposure.

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    You know, given what the story says about Mexico and the U.S. and the recent Tunick photo shoot, maybe it is a good thing that Mexicans are taking over the U.S.


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      What do you expect, its bush country!

      If the exposure occurred on private property this could have been perfectly legal to take pictures of your children while nude.

      Go to Costco next time they don’t mind ordinary plain non sexual family or social nudity in images. Notify them and ask first before submitting the image media. It’s also a good idea to have the clerk taking your order to write on processing envelop that’s its ok, and they sign or initial the approval.

      Thanks for digital cameras these days.

      WalMart really should have in bold letters at the top of each processing envelope:

      "We do not process any nude photos and will turn you in to police if you do so"


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        This is totally unfair. Are you going to tell me that no kids ever see there mother nude? Whats the harm if any child sees there parents nude. I would hate to see what would have happened to the mother if the children were also nude. People need to mind there own business and only report things that are real crimes.


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          Being naked around your own children is not illegal. I hope she can get some competent legal help. If she was on private property, such as her own house, no crime was committed.

          The Texas code of indecent exposure is:

          Penal Code Title 9, §21.08. Indecent exposure.

          (a) A person commits an offense if he exposes his anus or any part of his genitals with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, and he is reckless about whether another is present who will be offended or alarmed by his act.

          (b) An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor.

          Now unless the mother was doing so indecently, there was no crime committed.

          Bob S.


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            Originally posted by Davin:
            A woman in Brownsville was photographed nude with her three children fully dressed. When Wal-Mart photo lab employee saw the photos she called police. Police say she didn't know it was a crime. She was charged with indecent exposure.
            Ramos is being held in the county jail on a $45,000 bond

            That is crazy...there are people who get arrested for rape and other SERIOUS crimes that don't end up with that high of bail.



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              These kind of stories really turn my stomach! I don't know whether to be angry at the employee, or the court which should know better.


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                Yet another example of Wal-Mart acting all high and mighty because of nude photographs. Everyone, if you haven't already, please consider using digital cameras...


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                  So what did the police arrest her for if its a private picture on private property with her dressed children?

                  Indecent exposure to who, I dont think plain nudity on private property is indecent or illegal.

                  She should go to the ACLU and fight thoes charges.


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                    Thats not the first incident involving nude photos at wal mart stores. a close friend works there, and tells me that employees are encouraged to report such incidents as that, ''especially'' in the photo department.
                    Doesn't matter if its sexual, or simple non sexual nudity.


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                      I don't know how many of these exact WalMart stories have been televised nationally on the major TV as well as news print.

                      She only broke internal WalMart unlisted policy that they do not process nude images PERIOD.

                      Bob S. post indicates it’s legal to be nude as long as it’s not indecent or to arouse another. What’s puzzling is it doesn’t say where if indecent does this law apply? Outside, in your home, in public that law is very open as to location and according to the news story she did not commit a crime or offense, by being naked at the time the time picture was taken, by someone else, nor did the person who took the photograph complain.

                      So it's the WalMarts lab employee that says she indecent and made a complaint to the police.

                      These charges should be dropped for lack of offense or being obscene.


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                        another reason for me to hate WAL-MART...more than I already do...this women needs a good lawyer...maybe legal aid...where is the ACLU when we really need them...still to busy trying to exterminate santa...I guess ???


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                          Better not let Wal-Mart know how children are born. They might want to send the police into the delivery room.


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                            Better yet, better not have Wall Mart develop your photos of your baby's birth. You might go to jail for commemorating your child's birth.


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                              Reading the article further, it appears that this Wall Mart store treats all nudity as a crime. I wonder how they take their showers?