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  • New Forum: Nudes in the News

    I created this new forum a few days ago and have been moving many topics into this new home for news and media related topics.

    Fun of Nude Recreation is intended to by the main forum for nudist lifestyle topics. Many of you enjoy using this forum. Some topics, however, would be better placed in this new Nudes in the News forum. Any news or media related nudist topics can go in here.

    Have fun!

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    Just earlier this week, I read on the internet that somewhere in Florida, there is a golf club that members (males) have an all male get together in the buff in the clubhouse. As expected, there was a complaint by some females who complained about not being able to attend, thus resulting in an 'unfair' law suit. The judge ruled that just because the males were able to have a 'nude night' was no reason to ban females. So the ruling stands. Women are now allowed to attend an all male gathering while in the buff.

    Seems this is a growing trend about once male-dominated organizations are being unfair to females. Lawsuits have resulted in females being able to attend an all-male organization. What is everyones take on this? What is the difference between an all-male and an all-female gatherings? As males, can we not be able to sue an organization just because it is all-female that bans males? I would think so.

    The case aforementioned was a golf club somewhere in Florida. I'll try to look it up and post it here. Anybody in Florida know where this club is?


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      This is more important to the women than you'd first imagine because many big corporate deals are done on the golfcourse and in it's clubhouse and that meant that the women were not given the same shot at making those corporate deals because they could not be there. That alone could really hurt a top executive's position and advancement.


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        nudem, the case did not involve the exclusion of women from a nude group of men per se but their exclusion from the club's "mens grill", which men frequently use wearing towels or less.
        The club has no comparable facility for women.


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          Hi guys...Just viewed your free this week version of the Nude News ...Looks like you had a lot of fun out on the lake...Thanks for sharing...Odb


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            Thank you outdoorbare!
            Yes, it was fun. We are glad we can afford to present the current show to everyone for free. Thanks to the INA members and donations, we can do that. The public needs free videos to help educate them about nude recreation. Last week's show was watched over 24,000 times in one week, many times more than normal. Our bandwidth is through the roof but worth it.


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              Wow... I had no idea about the numbers, but 24,000+ is awesome!


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                I only hope that if men sue to get into an all womens' gathering that the same result would apply. I'm not saying that I'm against a mixed gathering; I just hope that it is a two way street if males are excluded.

                Maybe a requirement for the club is that everyone get naked for the gathering. With no exclusion on gender.


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                  Just wanted to say thanks again for bringing us Nudes in the News free again.

                  I enjoyed these last two releases and itis great to see people enjoying life as God intended.

                  I think that the mini-bikes look like fun, but that the kids should all have helmets and maybe kneepads on. Those bikes are alot more unstable than full-sized ones.

                  When I was about 15, I fell on a Honda 50 onto a shell covered road, doing about thirty mph. I looked like groung meat and it took about 15 years for all the fragments of shell to work their way out of my elbows and knees. Fortunately I had a helmet, whcich was severely damaged (would have been my head).

                  Anyway. Thanks again.


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                    Natman brought up a very good point, protective equipment.

                    Wearing a helmet was an excellent move but also wearing protective clothing would have been a tremendous benefit where the body is left to suffer from uncontrollable events.

                    Would be like frying bacon nude, one needs to have protecive clothing. Nudism is not rekless abandon of self preservation.

                    Again there is a time and place for everything and some tasks and events are not well suited for nudism and we need to pay attention to such things in self preservation interests.

                    Is nice to go outside in below zero weather for a few minutes to feel the cold and weather in its natural state in our own natural state but to stay there is not any smarter than riding a motor bike without protection. Thankfully you had a helmet!


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                      Corky, You're doing a fine job with the entire website and organization. Keep up the good work.


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                        Originally posted by Rabid_Clam:

                        Would be like frying bacon nude, one needs to have protecive clothing. Nudism is not rekless abandon of self preservation.

                        Why do people always use cooking bacon as a reason to wear clothes? Deep frying chicken would be more dangerous....

                        having said that I don't wear clothes when I cook bacon or anything else for that matter.


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                          I don't always wear clothes while I'm cooking, either. But I'm generally very, very careful!



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                            Vin, Cyndiann.......OUCH!

                            The one time I got to visit Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado, they had a grill going where one could buy a burger or such. The cook was nude except for his full size, vinal apron (or smok).

                            I've been popped by greese on my arms and I could not imagine it hitting elsewhere.


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                              I've gotten grease burns on my stomach a couple of times but I think I've learned to step back when cooking.

                              I don't ever, ever wear clothes at home so I can't imagine putting some on to cook.