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11-year old artist wannabe draws nudes - mom & shrink gasp!

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  • 11-year old artist wannabe draws nudes - mom & shrink gasp!

    A worried mom writes in to a TV shrink, who uses her reply to flack her book, that her 11-year old son is drawing nudes and she is worried. The kid is an artist wannabe, and is encouraged by dad and mom has many conflicts.

    Instead of counseling mom on getting on the same page with dad, the shrink launches her own 11-year old's dangers of sexual over stimulation by seeing nude adults tirade.

    Two over-wrought whack jobs reinforcing each other and no doubt influencing others.

    The site allows for comments back to the shrink if you have any you'd care to offer.

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    In our artist guild with over 1,000 members, young persons of high school age have attended drawing sessions on a regular basis with nude models, and are brought there by their art teacher, for high school credit. They are well behaved and are not "over-stimulated" but "matter-of-fact".


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      Over the past 17 years I have done well over 100 sessions for life drawing classes and groups - there have been 12, 15 and 16 year old girls (and just imagine if some of those wowsers had seen me up close and personal having coffee with two girls - aged 15 and 18 - and me nude and in my early 40's [at the time..] - they would be pretending to have apoplexy..), and a 14 year old boy among some groups (all with a parent's knowledge and consent, of course - in two cases the mothers were also there..); plus there have been times when some parents have had to bring even younger children along.

      In most countries outside the US that stupid bi*ch of a mother would be laughed out of a court (figuratively speaking - tossed out would be more accurate..) - if she were actually foolish enough to take it that far (to be fair - she might actually be smarter than that..).
      Just shows how bad things get when one nasty parent drags a child into disputes with their ex'. Also, that reported behaviour by the (so-called) "Shrink" shows how unprofessional some people can be, when money seems to be their only concern (.. and how many people out there would agree, that such people should be reported to their relevant control boards?).

      [And that's if that TV shrink is even qualified - some of those TV "experts" don't even have the qualifications that are suggested by the program or their TV titles ("Dr Phil") - for example, there may be the suggestions that a person is a (suitably experienced..) psychologist or psychiatrist, when in fact they might only be a sociologist, a counsellor or even less.
      "Dr Schulz"'s 'Dr.' title might only mean that she has a PhD; plus her talk about 'arousal' in an 11-year-old is worrying in itself - seems a bit like a 'moral minority' agenda in her own background(?)..].


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        The psychiatrist sure makes some unbelievable assumptions without knowing much about the actual situation.


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          I was surprised at the reaction of Dr Saltz. She appears frequently on the Today show and is usually quite level-headed.


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            the question is also how much is the father pushing the boy in to it .
            even with that said treat this has a discussion between two people that you happene to have over heard and you my not agree with .


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              Michjoe:"The psychiatrist sure makes some unbelievable assumptions without knowing much about the actual situation."

              I agree. Where in the short letter did the mother say anything about an art class? Why assume he is doing adult nudity?

              She also falls on the tired anti-family attitude espoused by Dr. Spock and Dr. Brothers where children seeing adult nudity will be over-stimulated. Most of the time however, adult nudity is neutral at worst for the child. I do not know where these "experts" get their information.

              Bob S.


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                I am absolutely furious that this "doctor" would automatically assume that this kid is being sexually stimulated by drawing nudes.

                The kid may not have the same hangups as the mom and "doctor" do.


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                  The doctor says, “This is why I advise parents not to go around naked in front of their kids.” No distinction is made for same sex parents. Does she mean that a father can’t take his son to a locker room? In that setting would the boy seeing naked adult men be a sexual experiences?

                  She also includes the comment “how near the model is to the subjects”. I don’t understand this at all. It is as if the nude model becomes a threat.

                  It is clear that she has her own body concerns. This doctor is really perverted in her thinking.