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  • Clothes please we're British

    Today's Times contains the following story:

    "A brochure aimed at German readers showing naked people having a sauna in a cruise ship has been changed for the British market to show the same holidaymakers with swimsuits.

    A nude man, left, appears in a pair of trunks, right, while the woman lazing next to him has suddenly sported a bikini.

    The holiday company Ocean Village said: "The British are a bit more modest about these things and we thought it appropriate to make these changes. We want to appeal to the British market.""

    The two pictures (not here) have a side view of a guy and a woman lying face down with a towel over her legs, in the altered photo the man has had a pair of speedos airbrushed on and the woman a bikini top - a sad reflection on the lack of ease most Britons have with their bodies - but 10 years ago people would have had to get on with it, now the politically correct culture has led to the cover up being made.

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    "A brochure aimed at German readers showing naked people


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      Sad isn't it?
      At times like these I'm sorry to be a Brit.


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        This reminds me of a play I saw awhile back in London entitled "No Sex Please We're British!".
        It was a comedic farce Tour du force ... just got to love that dry British wit.


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          OK, so they falsified to brochure, what happens when a prudish Brit decides to take the cruise then finds loads of naked people in the sauna?

          I would suggest that as many nudists as possible e-mail this cruise line and ask what clothing optional facilities they provide, if they say none, tell them you'll look elsewhere. That will get them thinking!!



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            A clever advertising trick that has attracted the media attention in the UK, so much press coverage on this story last week and it did'nt cost the cruise company a penny.

            Very clever indeed!! someone is due a bonus!!