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Nudism hits the USI Shield

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  • Nudism hits the USI Shield

    Just thought you all might want to know this. Because of the new group I set up at USI, someone from the on-campus newspaper contacted me for an interview that may make the Thursday, April 6 issue. Occasionally, they'll post late on Wednesday to their website,

    They might require registration, I'm not sure. I registered for their free weekly email, and I have access to some of the stories because of it.

    EDIT: In my weekly email this week (for the 7 April issue), they had no mention of the story whatsoever. I haven't contacted the Shield as far as what happened. Any attempt to get media coverage has failed so far. I'll try again with the press release, but I don't think they'll bite.

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    I checked the website and had no problem getting on and reading the various articles. Let us know if they publish your interview.