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Nude Beach Busted

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  • Nude Beach Busted

    Nude Beach Busted

    What should be done about this?

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    You can contact the Naturist Society or AANR, even though I am pretty sure they already know.

    What bothers me is the number of complaints filed. It doesn't say what they were.


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      Can't fight city hall...except at the ballot box


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        Doing a Google search for "Hidden Beach" in MN, there are other "CityPages" articles, dating back to 1997, that refer to the wealthy Kenwood area residents paying for extra Police enforcement at Hidden Beach on Cedar Lake.

        It comes down to the local residents complaining about the outsiders who come in and use the beach. Especially the skinny-dippers!

        Take Care & Swim Bare,


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          Very unfortunate. And right here in my home state.
          Untill now I didn't even know Hidden Beach existed. Too bad it's not going to exist any longer.
          Guess they should have hidden it better.



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            If you want to find contact information, or nudity laws for Kenwood, MN Sector 1 go to this web page:

            Link to MN Police for Sector 1 Map[Kenwood, MN] for nudity on cedar lake and on public areas.


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              This is the map of the sectors including Kenwood, MN, Cedar Lake, and where Hidden Beach is.



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                Hidden Beach, is a beach on the east side of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The beach is notable for once being the only nude beach in the Twin Cities, although nudity is much less common there than it once was. The beach is hidden down a block long path through the forest which leads to the shore of Cedar Lake. The beach is officially recognized under the name Hidden Beach by the city of Minneapolis -- although Hidden Beach is not recognized as an "official beach area", and therefore has no lifeguard and is technically illegal to swim at.

                See Wikipedia web page:

                Link to Wikipedia page on Hidden beach, Lake Cedar, Kenwood, MN