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    in the 2 th of september , a nude rugby match will be organized in England . It'll be great !

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    great looking team! let us know how they do!!


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      Time for Clothes Free TV to make a trip to England!


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        With the Rugby World Cup being held in France in a few weeks..which the NZ AllBlacks are going to win .Wouldn't it be a great time for some entreprenurial(sp?)nudist to organise a Nude Rugby World Cup,complete with live TV coverage.
        I wonder which one would get the better ratings?

        Cheers Kiwi
        Go The All Blacks...this time.


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          It appears that is not a nude rugby match, but rather a charity auction. Incidentally they are a Rugby League Club not Rugby Union -can somebody explain the difference to our friends across the Pond!


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            Rugby Union is the original amateur concept of the sport, whereas Rugby League is a breakaway faction that in 1895 broke rules about entrance fees to matches in order to pay players thereby becoming the professional game, this is the game that is played internationally.

            Pete Knight


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              Rugby Union is the second most popular football code in the world, after Soccer...
              Internationally Union would have dozens of times more players, in total, than league; (and Soccer is still a lot bigger than Union..)
              And Rugby Union is the official religion for New Zealanders.

              Rugby League is a minor and little known, and professional, variation - which is mainly played in NSW, southern Queensland, and the northern part of England, plus a couple of rural villages in France and Italy. The professional competitions in Australia and England are an artificial construct, largely supported by media organisations in these countries, and which would be incapable of surviving alone if they had to compete solely on their own merits..
              Oh, and there are some variations in the rules, the teams (15 players (plus reserves/exchanges..)in Union, 13 in League..), and the playing field.

              While Union was originally the amateur code, it now has a professional comp' that pays its' players better than league.