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  • Funny Segment on NPR

    Today's show of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR contains a segment on naturist clubs trying to get younger members to join. I thought it was funny, if you don't here's your opportunity to send emails to clarify or complain.

    WWDTM is an, "Oddly Informative News Quiz" show.
    Today's episode can be found here:
    Click on Listen to Today's show (May 19) then you can listen to the specific segment by scrolling down to "Panel Round Two" then the segment is about 3.00 minutes in.

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    Hum, now when you click on the link it takes you to an old show. I'm sure it will be fixed's a back door link in the meantime:


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      Hmmm, having trouble finding it when I click on the link


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        Try this one:

        Or, click on the May 19th link on the page.



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          I heard that show this afternoon. While they made some of the predictable jokes about nudists, the moderator Peter Sagal did a pretty good job of stating what nudism is about, and panelist Kyrie O'Connor from the Houston Chronicle outed herself by knowing a bit too much about nudist customs with respect to towels and chairs. Charlie Pierce kept asking Peter and Kylie how it is they know so much about nudism.



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            Over the last few years, several of the local Houston nudist clubs have had members of the local Press (TV, Radio, and Print) visit during "Nude Recreation Week" in July, and at other times. Maybe Ms. O'Connor has been one of the visitors.

            Take Care & Enjoy Life Bare,


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              I heard that on Saturday morning, but since I was driving, obviously most of my attention was on the road, I couldn't have described it to you. Glad someone else caught it.


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                David Letterman gave another 10 point list about "nudist colonies" last night, and it was repeated on our local news this morning. The points weren't that complimentary. He did visit a "colony" sometime in the past.