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Does Nude Protesting Hurt or Help Nudism?

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    The shock value is dying out. I watched a movie last night where a student went onstage to get his diploma nude. The crowd reaction was ' smiles'.
    I can't help but think that all this main stream nudity will lead to a ' ho0hum' attitude about the nappearance of nude bodies. It's common in other countries to see full nudity on TV. We're slowly gettting to that point, I hope. That should lead to more acceptance IMO.

    I'm not trying to get off-topic, just pointing out that nudity may be on it's way "IN".


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      I agree with others who say that nude protests do not hurt nudists, but the other side is what helps nudism? Yes, the shock value is decreasing (there is at least one naked guy in every organization). However, I still know many who think seeing the natural human body is the worst thing that could possibly happen. You all know that after about 10 minutes at a nude beach you forget that people are nude and don't think about it anymore. If we can get indecent exposure laws removed we could go to the grocery store and the movies nude. Then it would become an everyday thing and no one would think twice about it. Indecent exposure laws are aimed at protecting people from perverts, but there are other laws you can get them on, and if everyone was nude flashers would have to find a new hobby.