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  • Auto Nude Selfie Protection?

    Taking a Naked Selfie? Your Phone Should Step In to Protect You - New York Times

    What should smartphone makers do about nude selfies? Should they encourage us all to point our phones away from our unclothed bodies — or should they instead ...add features to their products that reduce the chance that these photos could get hacked?

    Don’t scoff. In the wake of the release of several female celebrities’ nude images, it’s time that the tech industry begin taking the naked-photo security problem seriously...

    There’s a strong case for doing so. Surveys suggest that by the time they finish college, a third of young people have snapped and sent naked photos of themselves to others...

    In some ways, naked selfies are more valuable than money — if your bank or credit card gets hacked, insurance will most likely make you whole, but if your private photo gets out, you’re hosed...
    Why didn't we think of this?

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    People who take nude photos of themselves shouldn't do so if they are worried about someone hacking them and putting them on the internet! I personally don't care who sees me naked, and I don't have much to look at, but I am not ashamed of the way God created me!


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      Originally posted by naturalmanwa View Post
      People who take nude photos of themselves shouldn't do so if they are worried about someone hacking them and putting them on the internet!...
      I just thought it was a wacky there's-an-app-for-that idea! Facebook, with all its sophisticated data and algorithm power, can't even seem to figure out how to deal coherently with bare breasts! So we're asking phone makers to be better net nannies?

      The good news is that I figure if the number of college students posting nude selfies rises from the current one-third to, say, over half, then it might become an issue not of nudity, but of what people were doing in the photo. Kind of overwhelm the lewdies with multitudes of merely nudies.

      Scenario: boss calls in employee to discuss nude beach pics, and employee responds "Now that everyone has seen me nude anyway, can I do casual Fridays in the buff?" Employee meantime googles boss's nude selfies from college days and discovers boss was quite an accomplished tennis player...


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        Anything "protected" can be "unprotected". As a better than average computer support person, I believe this is true.

        The stories that REALLY annoy me are the ones where our government "claims" the e-mails of Lois Lerner were "lost" and then FOX news goes on to propagate the report of her Blackberry being wiped. I can tell you these two "claims" are diversions from the truths of the matter because e-mails can be recovered (from back-ups) and a Blackberry is just an e-mail "browser" (wiping it has no effect on the source material). The process of removing anything from servers permanently usually comes down to a question of TIME and a willingness to PAY to have the information thoroughly - and completely - wiped forever.

        I was once told by a previous employer that anything with significant impact to the bottom-line financials of an organization must be retained for seven (7) years.

        Shouldn't our government being following their own guidelines better than anyone?