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Pants Optional: 2014's best kids books

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  • Pants Optional: 2014's best kids books

    Hence the appeal of Michael Ian Black and illustrator Debbi Ridpath Ohi’s Naked (Simon & Schuster), a hilarious, silly book about a little boy who just doesn’t see the point of putting on clothes after his bath. Anybody who has had to face the struggle of wearing pants can relate.

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    Excellent. Every naturist ought to buy this book and use it to explain why we run around naked.

    And some skilled naturist ought to draw the book in fully with all the "naughty" bits exposed. And do a girl's version.

    The message is that our anatomy is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Oh. And if AANR or TNS had an ounce of publicity savvy, they would blog and publish press releases about this book. But I doubt they will. YNA might.
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