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Nudist Weddings Could Become Legal in UK If Wedding Reforms Go Foward

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  • Nudist Weddings Could Become Legal in UK If Wedding Reforms Go Foward

    Naturists believe the human body was not designed to be wrapped up in clothes - they live their lives in the nude, and more often than not, the rest of the UK population lets them get on with it.

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    Well, at least here in the staid old United States, we're light years ahead of the UK. Nude weddings have taken place in this country -- probably going back as far as the beginnings of organized nudism.

    I've attended three nude weddings in my life... well, two were "legal" weddings, one at the old Birch Acres around 30 years ago, one at the Eastern Gathering around eight or ten years ago (documented in an "N" magazine somewhere). Both of those were conducted by a justice of the peace. And we also had a "blessing" ceremony - a couple at our camp had their civil ceremony one week, and then the religious ceremony with an ordained minister the next week at camp.

    I think I was staying somewhere some years ago and there was a wedding taking place on the grounds. And I'm sure that nearly every nudist park - that's been going for any length of time - has held nuptuals on their property.

    This bill is more about being able to hold marriage ceremonies in places other than registry offices and churches ... a privilege we've enjoyed since time immemorial here in the United States. Then again, our Constitution prohibits establishment of a state religion, while the United Kingdom has one (Anglicanism) while respecting the religions of others. This is less of a nudist issue and more of one as to how weddings should be conducted in the UK.

    On the other hand - a nude wedding? Now - that would be a topic for the video wing of
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