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Too Much Nudity for the Super Bowl? 2nd Naked Super Bowl Ad released

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  • Too Much Nudity for the Super Bowl? 2nd Naked Super Bowl Ad released

    Too Much Nudity For A Super Bowl Ad? Nearly Naked Model In Carl’s Jr. Commercial Pushes The Limits
    This ad is too controversial and may not air everywhere

    2nd Naked Super Bowl Ad Released On Youtube: Mindy Kaling Sunbathes Nude For Nationwide
    In the second Super Bowl ad featuring public nudity to be released on Youtube before the February 1st game, Nationwide insurance features a naked Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project sunbathing in a public park.

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    The reason the Carl's Jr. ad may not air everywhere has nothing to do with censorship. It has more to do with restricting your advertising to markets where your product is sold.

    Carl's Jr. is a chain of fast-food joints that are not found in the eastern part of the United States. There are also some businesses, chains, etc. that are not in the west.

    When a major advertiser - like Carl's Jr. - wants to buy an ad for the Super Bowl - or any national TV program - they pay a reduced rate.

    The ad then only runs in the areas the buyer serves. In other areas, the network will sell the time for other products which might not be available in all parts of the country - or someone agrees to buy the ad time at that lower rate, knowing it's only going to hit a regional audience.

    I saw the Carl's Jr ad - it's on YouTube. I live in Massachusetts so the ad will likely not be seen here. Not because we're prudish.

    It's because Carl's Jr. doesn't do business in my corner of the country and advertising to me in New England, or to New York viewers, and so forth, would be a waste. .

    The only time I've ever eaten at Carl's Jr. was on a business trip to California.
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      Back east I believe Carl's Jr. is Hardees.


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        Only 14 states even have Carl's Jr with Texas being the furthest east. All West Coast states have it. nudeM is right that elsewhere, it is Hardees. The Northeast of the US doesn't have either of the restaurants.

        Bob S.


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          The ad with Mindy in it is exactly the type of thing naturists should applaud.