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Chicago area library filters the word “nudism” from their public computers

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  • Chicago area library filters the word “nudism” from their public computers

    Filters For Pornography, Nudism Expected To Be Installed Within A Month

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    Surprised the librarians aren't all up in arms on this.

    The American Library Association has this statement - although if you read it - it's rather specific as to what they want to see, but rather vague as to the idea of filtering.


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      Unfortunately, way too many adult/sexually oriented websites have taken over the word "nudist" in their web product to lure people to their sites. I consider it fraud but try to make that stick in WWW court. It's one reason why I prefer the word naturist aside from my love of non-urban locales.


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        Children's section computers are fine to have filters. Not the regular use ones. There is no such thing as a filtering program that will only allow the good subjects in and keep only the bad out. This is even worse as they are saying that a perfectly legal activity is no longer allowed to be searched.

        I remember in College, they started to put filters on the computers (it was a Southern Baptist college). At first the filters were turned up so high that it would keep certain words out to the point you couldn't look up assassinations. They were embarrassed about it and turned it down, but they still had a hearing to discuss the filtering. Most people spoke against it, including me. I even countered them when they said students could get a teacher's permission, but I asked what if we were doing things outside of classwork. They had no answer to that.

        Bob S.