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The Kid Just Won't Keep His Clothes On; What's a Mom to Do?

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  • The Kid Just Won't Keep His Clothes On; What's a Mom to Do?

    "OK, so I have a child that doesn’t like clothes….and it doesn’t help that he is 14 years of age. I mean he has always had an issue with keeping his clothes on but when your little you can get away with it. When your “14” it can cause some heads to turn!

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    Interesting....the one with seemingly unnatural issues is the one most natural. I would suggest that moving to a clothing optional community would be a perfect fit here. Everyone I ever visited would welcome this type of resident with open arms and do its part in caring for the lad when in public and protecting his innocence. Just a thought.


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      He's 14 and now all of a sudden you are worried? Unless he is openly running around outside in the neighborhood, then I wouldn't worry. If the nudity is inside the house, then I don't see anything wrong. Casual nudity within the confines of the home is practiced by many, even those who do not associate themselves as being nudists. I know several who practice home nudity, but not to the point they would consider themselves nudists.


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        This is about controlling a boy with autism. The author of the letter isn't specific about where on the spectrum her son is regarding his autism (how well he can communicate or his overall intelligence and social age). This letter described an autistic teen who, within the past few weeks, strips in public in the car. Apart from having someone stay with him at home while the mother goes shopping, I don't know what to do about it. The author needs to just keep explaining to others that her son is autistic. This is happening in Bermuda.

        Bob S.


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          He has autism. As he grows up his mother will have to find a way for him to stop himself from this unappreciated public behaviour. Police in all countries are notorious for not taking special circumstances into account, especially mental disorders (or extraordinary personalities, if you wish).


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            NudePete has a good point about the police. Maybe, for their own safety, the family in question should consider moving to a clothing optional community. Lacking that, I would agree that someone stay home with the boy while mom or dad go shopping.