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Nick cartoon shows topless female character on TV

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  • Nick cartoon shows topless female character on TV

    A popular Nickelodeon cartoon featured full-on big, exposed boobs ... and Nick has yanked it from the air.
    The topless cartoon chick was in the background of the March 5th episode of "Oggy and the Cockroaches."

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    "One parent whose child spotted the XXX pic..."
    Now a brief glimpse of cartoon breasts is "XXX"? I thought XXX was for explicit sexual material - full nudity, penetration, gynecological close-ups. Just another example of the sexualization of the body and body-phobia in the USA. *sigh*

    And from the comments, the show is imported - from France, so topless sunbathing would seem to be no big deal to the original target audience.
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      I just posted this in the comment section of the article
      Cartoon breasts are not going to hurt anyone. Don't forget that breasts have one true purpose, to feed babies. How can that hurt a kid? Men have soiled that with their fetish to use breasts for entertainment. More than 25 years ago BOTH "Sesame Street" and "Mr, Rodger's Neighborhood" had segments that showed real breasts and what they are really for.


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        I agree with both jasenj and natureboy. Especially the XXX part.


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          This cartoon is made in France, it is clear they have a much more relaxed and sensible attitude towards nudity. I think the French are quite amused about cartoon boobs being such a big issue.

          Making a big deal over cartoon nudity is what causes people to grow up with a complete misunderstanding about nudity. If it were embraced and accepted as normal in cartoons and the like then children would grow up far more relaxed and understanding and not carry on this ridiculous taboo!


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            I also heard that this cartoon is over 15 years old and has run in syndication in the US for many years, including on Fox. No one has been hurt yet. But I so glad they pulled the episode before someone does get hurt. You know... for the sake of the children. HA!


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              Just to see if you can find it (I couldn't the first time around), here is a site that shows the episode. (it's under four minutes). No need to know French. There is no talking in it.

              Bob S.