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    Last week, two characters--Brad (Luann's older brother) and his fiancee were looking for a place to hoist their wedding without any luck. The March 13 strip had them trying the back to nature route, only to realize it was a "naturalist retreat". as said by a naked man (bare butt shown).

    Bob S.

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    *sigh* I guess AANR & TNS aren't doing a good job of spreading the word "naturist". At least most of the comments are good natured, no "OMG! Naked man in a comic! Think of the CHILDREN!!!"


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      Some years ago - 1999? 2000? The "Gasoline Alley" comic strip did a feature on a trip to a nudist park. One unique feature of the strip - which has been going since 1918 - is that the characters age. Some have died off.

      The story line went like this : Focusing on two of the strip's main characters = Slim Skinner -- who at the time was in his 50s, and his wife, Clovia Wallet Skinner, same age. Clovia took over the Gasoline Allley Garage from her father in the 1980s - 90s - and manages it; Slim works as a mechanic there and is (ostensibly) the assistant manager. Know well - Slim is a good-hearted guy, a person of good humor, even if he's not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. His wife - is sharper of wit - but - is often portrayed as domineering, bossy, and not a nice person.

      Slim was assigned the task of finding a vacation spot for his wife and himself. Slim went online and booked a cabin at what he thought was the Full Moon Dude Ranch - but - it is the Full Moon NUDE Ranch (old gag pirated from a TV show of the 60s).

      They go there at night - check in -- the clerk was nude, but standing behind the counter so they don't notice that he's sans pants.

      They go to their cabin - and find its deck has a beautiful hot tub. While using the tub, Slim locks them out of the cabin - Clovia being nude --- Slim with a towel. Dawn arrives - and Slim goes for help and quickly learns he's in a nudist park. Two young ladies driving a golf cart see Slim, kindly offer him a ride and assistance toward getting a new key. Such nice things are often found at nudist parks, I might add.

      When they get back to the cabin - Clovia figures out where she is, too -- and is furious.

      At that point, Slim attempts to make a philosophical pitch to his wife - sure, he didn't know about this - but - since they're already here, why not stay, try it out, relax? There's a breakfast buffet at the clubhouse, the people are nice ... etc.

      Clovia finds this unacceptable - packs, and Slim accedes - abandoning the idea of nudism and a nudist vacation. They leave, Clovia fuming all the way back home.

      The strip's author later did an AANR Bulletin interview - yes, he had consulted with a nudist friend on the theme, and yes, Clovia, sadly, is typical.


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        Luann did a series on a clothing optional resort once, too. through 12/19.
        In short, the semi-sleazy roommate buys a coupon for a week at a CO resort for Brad to give to his girlfriend. Brad does not realize it is a CO resort, but when he gives the coupon to the girlfriend she reads the brochure and figures it out. She stomps off and Brad spends the next few strips grumping to his roommate about the gift. They never really resolve whether the girlfriend was offended or just surprised, and whether she would have been up for it. Brad definitely was against it.