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Dating Naked returns July 15 with new format, no clothes -- exclusive video

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  • Dating Naked returns July 15 with new format, no clothes -- exclusive video

    Season 2 of Dating Naked—the “romantic” reality show on which birthday suits are required—will debut July 15 at 9 p.m.
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    Didn't really care for it then, probably won't care for it when it returns. Nudity was being portrayed as "must-to-be sexy to date" and not for the lifestyle. Besides, nudity wasn't entirely required to be on the show. Later in the telecasts, many of the contestants had clothing on.


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      I saw a part of ONE episode and it was so stupid, and probably heavily staged, that I shut it off.

      This is just ME - I'd rather see a show based on couples who met IN nudism, or, those who tried nudism early in their relationship (together) and stayed with it.

      Obviously - it would be very difficult to script, especially scripting conflict, but that would be truly a reality show, wouldn't it?


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        There isn't a single "nudity" shown on TV that has any basis in reality as far as portraying nudism goes. Dating Naked, Naked and Afraid, Naked Castaway, Buying Naked...they are all exploitive tripe simply looking for an angle with which to capture viewers. Until a premium cable network runs a show without blurred areas and strategic placed fruit bowls, these shows will always seems as though there is something wrong with seeing people naked. The problem is that even if they got rid of the blurring, the show probably would be boring anyway, because nudism is about normal people doing normal everyday things- just without clothes on. I would rather just see the travel channel do a series of visits to nudist locations around the world and show what it's like to visit a nudist location without any pretense or judgment or awkwardly manufactured scenarios.