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Japan Politician's Nude Campaign Poster Gets Attention

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  • Japan Politician's Nude Campaign Poster Gets Attention

    Far be it from me to suggest any campaign strategy for San Francisco nudists running for city council or for right-wing US Republicans as November 2016 approaches. Just noting without comment that Japanese right wing candidate Teruki Goto's campaign poster of him posing nude against a Rising Sun flag motif got people to notice his candidacy, as well as getting some high-profile Japan Times headlines.
    Campaigning for Sunday's second wave of quadrennial unified local elections has highlighted a legal loophole that allows candidates to go to extremes — inc

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    Just about guaranteed that will not happen over here, lol


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      Hmmmmmm....I seem to remember a few years back there was a presidential candidate that ran as a nudist...anyone else recall this? Corky something or other, maybe?


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        If an American politician thought it would give them an advantage, they would certainly be nude for an add, while at the same time pushing laws against it. That's how we Americans roll. It's interesting to look at other countries that aren't "free" like we "are" and see how nudity is much more accepted. Most of Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia...all places where you would not go to jail and be registered as a sex offender for just being nude.

        Corky for President? I'll vote for that!


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          I would have been more impressed if the image was truly naked, not covered up by words or his name (I can't read Japanese).

          Bob S.