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Ephs bare all at hidden Berkshire nudist resort

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  • Ephs bare all at hidden Berkshire nudist resort

    Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort, found nestled in the hills of Western Massachusetts.

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    This is the type of article that convinced me to give social nudism a try. Excellent read for anyone looking for that final bit of motivation they need to give it a read on the way to your nearest nude location...


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      Wow! -- "only 25 minutes away by car from the College" -- what a luxury for such a place to be so nearby! Why wasn't Eva studying for her psych exam at a table by the pool or under an umbrella on the veranda? Were I a Williams student, I'd be there all the time, and maybe even organize a Berkshire Club at school to make Berkshire Vista a sort of adjunct campus!


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        Back when I was a member of what is now "Berkshire Vista", I had to drive through Williamstown, and right through the Wiiliams College campus, to get there. I would think that nearly everyone on that campus would have heard of BV.

        To date, most attempts to form campus naturist organizations have met without much success.

        To date, our major groups have shied away from on-campus promotions. Some years back, AANR-East did have one prominent nudist do a lecture series, as did the Naturist Education Foundation - she did it only for expenses - but they dropped that.

        To date - I've heard nothing about Nude U of a few years AANR keeping it going? All I saw was a video "when you say skinny, I say dip!" Wow.

        So where is the outreach?

        By the way - the park now known as Berkshire Vista has been right there, right on route 43 and "take a right up the mountain road" for over 50 years.


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          Originally posted by usuallylurk View Post
          ... So where is the outreach?...
          Maybe one of the barriers is the $25 daily fee? Perhaps a "season pass" for Williams College Berkshire Club members could be negotiated?

          As for forming a "campus naturist organization", of course it is not going to work for millenniums as a "nudist" group! It has to be all about fun activities in an energized atmosphere of gender equality, life simplified, feeling healthy, harmony with nature, getting beyond media-hype body issues, having a choice to try out a different better path of living, being proud to be yourself, and, again, just having a chance be with good people having a good time. It may sound "naturist" to us (and we have plenty of ideals and pamphlets to prove it), but how about just providing a predictably pleasant safe place to hang out au natural with friends, or even study for exams, and let them decide what to call it or not.

          Oh, and btw, a quick dip in the pool between studying for a psych exam and writing that poli-sci paper, is really refreshing!
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            "As for forming a "campus naturist organization", of course it is not going to work for millenniums as a "nudist" group! ".....

            No, but bringing nudist forums onto a campus may spread the word - if is doesn't get them in the fold now - it does let these millenials know what it's about -- when they assume roles in, say, city or town government - they're not scared by nudism. AND they may try it for themselves someday.


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              I was just thinking that we naturists tend to go at the whole "outreach" thing bass-ackwards. There are over 150 student groups at Williams College. So focus on their interests and expand their horizons. Invite the Meditation Society to hold a session in all simplicity. Invite Purple Valley Films to a screening of "Act Naturally". Invite one of the choirs or Ephoria to do a concert at Berkshire Vista with some sort of joyous nature feel-good theme. Offer to work with the Peer Health group. Host an event for Debating Union or Law Society to take on public-private nudity issues. Challenge Williams Club Volleyball to a match. Etc, Etc. We all know that once people see and experience naturists and naturism they are hooked. So, what are we hanging around waiting for -- there are at least 100 ready ways to introduce Williams students (or students at other universities) to a smarter, kinder, healthier way of living.
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                A very long time ago when I was a college student I was able to find isolated places to be nude in nature. I did not have the resources to join a club or visit a resort. There were no clubs or resorts for hundreds of miles. Spring break for me like many of my peers was working at a job to earn the next tuition or book bill. I do feel that if there were public places in more areas that were open to nudists, there would be a natural progression to a nudist lifestyle for many more people. Even now my desire to spend outdoor time while naked is hampered by distance and monetary restrictions. I can find places that are relatively safe as far as being subject to arrest, but they are not that easy to get to and there is always some risk. As a resort owner that close to a college campus, I would offer free or highly discounted admission with a student I. D. However, this would likely require more vigilance when it came to sexual activity.