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UC San Diego students defend art class's nude final exam

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  • UC San Diego students defend art class's nude final exam

    UC San Diego students are defending the art class that requires them to get nude as part of their final exam.

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    Hard to cry wolf at the end of a semester if you knew this was going to happen from the start of class. While I am no fan of performance art...just don't understand it quite frankly...the students knew what they were in for. As for the mother who is making such a fuss...sounds like she just realized what her daughter is doing with her college years. college is about self discovery as much as career training and there seems to be too much learning after the fact going on here. Maybe she should be going to a trade school instead...


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      Apparently, nudity isn't required according to UT San Diego.

      I agree, though, that it is highly unlikely the student didn't know about the final project unless she wasn't paying attention in class. I wonder if she even understood the assignment or talked to the professor about the possible aspects of the assignment such as not appearing naked.

      Bob S.