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Effort Underway to Close Sacramento’s Nudity Law Loophole

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  • Effort Underway to Close Sacramento’s Nudity Law Loophole

    In May of 1975, the Vietnam War was over. Gerald Ford was president and the Sacramento City Council passed an ordinance that made public nudity in parks, waterways, playgrounds and beaches a misdemeanor.
    Forty years later, city officials say there’s a loophole in the ordinance.

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    I have no problem with public nudity being illegal. The problem I have is that it gets classified as a sex offense with very severe, possibly lifelong, consequences. I like San Francisco's ordinance where the first few offenses are tickets of escalating cost.

    I'd be far more willing to push the boundaries a little - e.g. nude in the backyard where the neighbors _might_ see, or places I think are private but could be encountered - if the consequences of being wrong and having a complaint filed did not include being branded a sex offender forever.

    - Jasen.