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The Naturalists — HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® commercial

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  • The Naturalists — HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® commercial

    Preservative Free. Not Clothes Free.
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    Ok, they're sorta making fun of us, but I bet you at least smiled! Fun tongue-in-cheek mix-up of naturist and naturalist. Whoever wrote the script knew the difference. Besides, I "love birds" too... in sandwiches. Health-Naturalists, Naturists-Health -- the subliminal message works for me! Even a plug for family-friendliness ("..., Mom!"). And I am anyway ("eyes up here!") such a fan of Judy Greer!
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      Cute commercial. Giant sigh that they didn't bother to use a dictionary or even do a Google search to determine what the right term for people who like to run around naked is.


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        Silly and harmless....but the basic message of eating natural food vics all the chemically contaminated and genetically modified product offered for mass sale is one worth knowing.


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          Love it! I think many more nudists than the general public also loves nature more. After all, we are being more natural.