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Stop Telling Girls to Cover up at the Pool

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  • Stop Telling Girls to Cover up at the Pool

    An impromptu family visit to a wading pool in a public park in Guelph, Ont. left an eight-year-old girl embarrassed and her parents angry when staff told her that, unlike her brothers, she could not be in the wading pool without a top.

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    Am I wrong in that I remember Ontario law having been enacted that allows all females to go shirtless where ever it is appropriate for a male to be shirtless. If this is the case, the pool rules are in violation Ontario law, and the mother could enjoy the wading pool also without a top.


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      How sad that this happened in Ontario where the law protects her and in Guelph - only steps away from where one of the "cadillac" resorts (Four Seasons) is now defunct. What is happening in that neck of the woods? Regression?


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        Guelph is the city where Gwen Jacobs was arrested nearly 24 years ago (July 19 will be the anniversary). Assuming this was a truly public pool, owned by the government, then it was inconceivable that they didn't know that. The CBC story said they they are reviewing their dress policies after a backlash. Hopefully, they will come to their senses.

        Bob S.


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          On the other hand: ManBoobs!

          Click image for larger version

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            The cartoon really says it right. Now if more women had the courage to exercise their right where it has been given and the authorities are educated in the law and it's enforcement, we would really have a positive step. I have been questioning for years just what does the current trend in swimwear cover. The bikinis seem to be getting smaller all the time.