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Wife doesn't mine neighbors' nudity

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  • Wife doesn't mine neighbors' nudity

    My wife and I are lucky to live near the friendliest, most helpful neighbors we could ask for. They are a middle-aged European couple who moved to the States two years ago.
    Here’s the problem. They have a swimming pool in their backyard, and when they use it, they do not wear swimsuits. I assume they are just doing what is normal in their native country

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    Sounds pretty fair to me...I find it hard to believe, however, that the neighbors do this without a level of privacy.


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      I don't see how there is a problem. Everyone gets along well and each does what they are comfortable with on their own private property.


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        Below is the advice I might offer:
        I doubt the "solution" to your discomfort is a fence or wall of shrubs. Maybe one time, instead of "looking the other way," try just looking. I bet after a couple moments, any curiosity and discomfort will turn into a shrug. The novelty wears off really quickly, standard inter-personal etiquette kicks back in and you start seeing your nice neighbors as regular whole people again. Better yet in your case, quickly getting through this transition will save you a whole lot of expense and potentially years of extra gardening! Then, once your inner-adult has calculated the benefit of shrugging, it might be amusing to ask your inner-child if getting dressed up before jumping in a swimming pool sounds sensible?


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          Maybe the wife would like to join them!