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Google Street View Camera captures topless woman sunbathing

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  • Google Street View Camera captures topless woman sunbathing

    A topless woman sunbathing on a Mexico beach was photographed by a Google worker carrying a portable Street View camera rig and can now be seen with only her face blurred on the search giant’s popular mapping feature.

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    "From other angles, the woman’s breasts are blurred, while a nude sunbather on a nearby stretch of beach is encased in a blurry, rectangular shroud."

    I think the "story" here is that they missed one photo of the topless woman. It would be nice if Google would just document what was happening at the location rather than editorializing and moralizing.


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      Is this the same webzine that has a story on a Florida man being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend with sauerkraut?

      I think, once again, we could solve the whole problem by insisting on gender neutrality in headline writing, to wit: "Google Street View Camera captures topless person sunbathing." Readers of the mug-shot-oriented tabloid would then have to think twice -- headless or from the waist up?

      Meantime, if it is such a big deal, how come we get left out here in France where the headline today could have been something like "Google Street View Camera in 30 minutes captures more than 3,000 topless women sunbathing" ....?