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Time Flies When You're Dating Naked

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  • Time Flies When You're Dating Naked

    I’m struggling to figure out the timeline on this show. I know we're on episode seven, but how long have we been here? A week, ten weeks, five weeks, 30 minutes? It’s kind of like Lost. Time doesn't work like it does on the mainland.

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    Does it really matter? I saw that show once -- and changed the channel after around 15 minutes.

    Now, I see in promos and teases, that they've introduced "Real World" conflicts into the show.

    At least "Buying Naked" had some things of interest....the actual nudist scenes around Lutz / Land'o'Lakes, and showing what goes on in the world of nudist society. "Dating Naked?".... uhh.. it doesn't float my boat...


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      Dating Naked is a fun but obviously scripted reality series; Vh1 even has a "bloopers" reel on the show's webpage. Kerri Cipriani's character for season 2 is wholesome and surprisingly asexual given that she is presented with a daily onslaught of various males and their manhood. When greeted with a warm smile and dangling genitalia, Kerri's only apparent interest is ferreting their true soul and personality to see if they are a harmonious match with her vision of Prince Charming. With Kerri I'm beginning to believe penises- of any size or shape- are merely optional appendages on a man much like an arm or a pinkie finger. Chris Aldrich on the other hand, is at least allowed to occasionally demonstrate that he registers a testosterone level, even if the producers and casting directors tend to pair him with the strangest women this side of Bizzaro World.

      Hey, at least the latest private island looks fabulous.


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        From what I gathered from watching the first 20 minutes of one of the shows -- it's just too weird. And then, watching the promos/teases - makes me want to watch it less.

        I do know nudists who have met - naked - dated - and fallen in love and had long term relationships - even marriages. But know full well that nudism - or naturism, if you will - is not enough to build a relationship on.

        Again - this show is a "reality show" that is basically presenting a fantasy. Even the king of all "reality but not really because it's scripted to ensure there's conflicts" shows = The Real World. AIN'T the "real world".

        Although I wonder how many young men have written to the show's producers asking "take me! take me!"