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Swingers cause loss of French naturist beach

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  • Swingers cause loss of French naturist beach

    This is really sad. It is near where one of the big naturist "Day without Swimsuits" events is held every year.

    From Nice-Matin today
    .(rough translation below)

    Beach lust along the Sainte-Croix Lake creates controversy

    The beach of Salles-sur-Verdon in the Var [region of France], close to the water sports center "Eden Park", has become a swinger spot, publicized by Internet forums. Faced with a problem of cohabitation with tourists, the town has decided to react.

    The summer season ending was marked by a rise of sexual abuse with open-air swinging on the shores of Lake St. Croix. And more particularly near Salles-sur-Verdon.

    Indeed, cohabitation with normal tourism has become problematic.

    Multiplication of police patrols

    Starting three years ago, the presence at the nearby beach for water sports "Eden Park" of men and couples who, under cover of naturism, have turned the shore into a sort of open-air brothel, continues to create tensions.

    The town of Salles feels forced to issue an ordinance prohibiting naturism anywhere in the municipality and have alerted the police to increase patrols to try to restore public order.

    Listed on swinger forums

    Alerted that swinger forums now relay the location and scandalous vocation of this beach on the Internet, elected officials have decided to publicly sound the alarm.

    Especially as this area is no longer the only one impacted around the lake. A second beach is being presented on the forums as a fallback solution, in Aiguines this time.

    The naturist beach at Salles-sur-Verdon was originally founded there almost twenty years ago. Situated south of the village, in the Bastide district, it has usually been occupied only by a few quiet and discreet naturists.

    Growing misbehavior in last two years

    About fifteen years ago, the town, which manages the shores of the [man-made] lake as part of an arrangement with EDF [electric power company], created a private beach in this area with mattress hire, umbrellas and beach gear.

    For years, families at Eden Park cohabited the beach with naturists no particular problem. At the most, the mayor's office occasionally intervened with readjustments when it was reported that "textile" and naturist section were too close.

    Facing the exhibitionist trend, the practice of naturism is now banned in the town.

    Naturists have preferred to go

    "Ten years ago, there were lots of naturists here," testifies Brunias André, Deputy Mayor. "Today none remain".

    According to him, they fled the scene, facing the pressure of those who indulge in debauchery.

    What attracts the swingers to this place is the convenience of shaded parking lot at Eden Park, steps from the beach. In such an isolated place, every swinger is necessarily a motorist.

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    Such a shame. I don't know of a way to keep the bad behavior under control. Increased patrols? People can see them coming. Naked police?


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      Go back through messages in here, in the past -- you'll note that there were some debates - and some actually thought that nudist resorts should cater to swingers - perhaps some weekends out of the year because by golly - there's money in them thar' swingers - they got it, they SPEND it.

      AANR and TNS did an effective job of sticking to their principles - of course, losing revenues over it.


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        Originally posted by Agde View Post
        This is really sad. It is near where one of the big naturist "Day without Swimsuits" events is held every year.

        From Nice-Matin today
        .(rough translation below)

        Wow! If this is true, this is really sad indeed! But you know the old saying; a few jerks will ruin it for everyone!


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          what is saddest is that because of this kind of practice, people outside the naturist world will still mix up sex and nudity.


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            is it permanent or temporary?


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              That's what closed Mazzo Beach in Wisconsin and it is too bad that behaviors from a few spoil it for many. If economics drives these things, there should be more of a push to open more C/O places. They have been proven to bring in money.