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Woman accused of topless sunbathing found not guilty, judge says

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  • Woman accused of topless sunbathing found not guilty, judge says

    A Red Lion woman — who police said was sunbathing topless in a public area on July 24 — was found not guilty of disorderly conduct after a hearing this morning, according to District Judge John H. Fishel's office.
    Pennsylvania State Police cited Connie June Warner, 55. of the first block of North Main Street, after they were called to an area near her home, where she "was observed sunbathing topless in a public area," police wrote.
    Fishel said after the hearing that Warner was charged with the disorderly conduct provision of "unreasonable noise."
    "There was no testimony whatsoever that she made any noise," he said.

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    So, why didn't she just say that she "identified" as a man? That way, she can run around without a shirt as often and wherever she wants.


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      Here in "tourist" Orlando, public persona relating to a healthy, family-oriented environment is very much understood. Despite what the law may say on the matter, I presume that anyone pushing the envelope, such as a woman going topless in public, would be dealt with right away.


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        She was not going topless. She was on her stomach with her back exposed to the sun. At age 55 there was probably little evidence of breast from the side, and when she stood up after being confronted she made an effort to cover herself. From my perspective there was no envelope pushed here other than that she was not on her own property. The article does not say if she had permission to be there, but the area was a storage facility that could have little or no traffic much of the time.


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          Perhaps they would have had a better disorderly conduct case had they charged her with exploiting global warming by sunbathing so late in September in Pennsylvania? It certainly would be a less easy charge to ridicule...