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Walgreens "Nude Beach" Commercial

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  • Walgreens "Nude Beach" Commercial

    Not in the "news" but in the media.

    Two elderly women are at Walgreen's running errands. One of them picks up her medicine prescriptions while the other loads up on sunblock and sun tan lotion. "Carpe Med Diem" might be Latin for, "Seize the day to get more out of life and Medicare Part D" according to comedian Tina Fey. The two women reach their destination, a nude beach, and take off their clothes and towels to enjoy the rest of their day.

    Two ladies pick up a prescription and a bunch of sunscreen at Walgreens, then they head out to a nude beach.

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    Thought it was good, but they would not be doing that here today.


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      I am pleased to see a major retailer portraying attendance at a nude beach in such a tongue-in-cheek yet positive and fun way