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How being naked around the house boosted my body confidence

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  • How being naked around the house boosted my body confidence

    How being naked around the house boosted my body confidence

    October 5, 2015 11:30 am

    I love being naked. If I’m home and no one is over, chances are I’m naked or wearing one of my fabulous robes (I have five!). I sleep naked every night and practice yoga naked every morning. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not practicing Rockette high kicks naked in the living room or sitting my bare butt on all the surfaces in the house or anything. I really just feel 100 percent more free when I am naked or in a sassy robe.

    I had a lot of anxiety about my body, until I tried being naked alone at home.
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    its all a matter of perspective. If you feel being naked has boosted your body confidence, great. People are naked (home or otherwise) for a variety of reasons and personal benefits may vary as well.

    Sometimes I feel we live in a confusing, high paced over competitive society, increased dependency on technology, and most with plates that overflow. I personally relish anything that slows the pace, reduces stress and allows me to focus better. As an artist, I feel more creative without wearing restrictive clothes. At least for me, nudism has allowed me to catch my breath, establish priorities and has added value to my life, including my marriage.

    I love being naked too. Perhaps if more people felt the same, the world might be a better place????


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      Living nude had nothing to do with boosting my body confidence. I just got old enough to not care what anybody else thinks. I don't like my body. I have struggled with extra weight since I was eight, and it seems that exercise and physical labor are not enough to get my weight into a healthy range. I was doing well for awhile, but have gotten out of my pattern of daily exercise and am spending too much time watching, or more accurately, sleeping through television programs. I now need to create the space and set aside the time to simply stay busy.


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        Being naked at home is so normal for me, I can't imagine living otherwise. I've never been self conscious about my body, and don't really care what anyone else thinks. If more people would just let it happen, be naked at home the way most people truly want to be, this would indeed be a better world. Much less uptight. Nudity should be normal. It IS normal. What's abnormal is the fear of being naked, anger over seeing someone else naked. How did humans get to be so abnormal when it comes to nudity?


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          I find it relaxing after a days work