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Public nudity means no self-respect

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  • Public nudity means no self-respect

    2015-12-17 06:00
    I HAVE taken notice of the article in the Fever of the nudist beach at Mpenjati, which will not be accessible for nudists. I appreciate that, but the only question is, how this is going to be policed?
    I live in Greenhart Village, about four kilometres from the so-called "nude beach". On Sunday I went for my early morning jog, passing the Palms Holiday Flats. I turned towards the highway at the T-junction to be surprised by two men walking naked in the street in the direction of the beach at the Palms Holiday Flats which is more than a kilometer from the “nude beach” and approximately 400m away from the beach. When they noticed me they suddenly covered up with the towels they were carrying.
    I find this obscene. There are different levels of respect, but the moment you lose "self- respect" you have lost everything. I did not have a cell- phone with me to get in touch with the police.

    My concern still is, the nude beach was advertised a year ago, promoted and joined in by people (not that many) who might be unaware of this announcement, are security measures in place to deal with the situation?

    Tom Prins

    ​The Fever

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