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Dear Abby nude swimming and peepers

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  • Dear Abby nude swimming and peepers

    From the Jan 19 Dear Abby (second letter):

    Second-Story View Give Neighbor's Boys an Early Education DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend has no issue with nudity. She worked herself through her master's degree in finance as an exotic dancer. She has a phenomenal figure, eats healthy and works out often.
    Last year we bought a home in a small residential community, complete with a pool. We installed a fence and spent a lot of money on landscaping to give us privacy from our neighbors.
    We live in Florida and spend a lot of time in our pool, especially on weekends. My girlfriend doesn't like to wear a swimsuit, and I have no issues with it.
    At a neighborhood event recently, one of our neighbors politely asked her if she wouldn't mind covering up when in the pool. She said her kids, and I'm sure her hubby, can see into our yard from their second story. My girlfriend apologized for their inconvenience, but told them she wouldn't be changing her habits in her home to stop another family from gawking.
    I see both sides of this. I agree she shouldn't feel compelled to wear a suit to swim in our own pool (or lounge by it). But I can also see the neighbor's side. The preteen boys and husband can get an eyeful just about every weekend, and I don't think a few tan lines are worth a feud with the neighbors. Any suggestions for my dilemma? -- SWIMSUIT ETIQUETTE
    DEAR S.E.: I, too, can see both sides of this. However, you and your girlfriend have done as much as you can to protect her privacy. You can't be responsible for your neighbor's husband's and children's voyeurism. I don't think your girlfriend should feel compelled to change her lifestyle because they act like Peeping Toms.
    I do think it would be healthier for all concerned if your neighbor had a talk with her "boys" regarding their family's standards when it comes to naturism and respecting the privacy of others.

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    Funny how the letter never said the boys or husband actually did view, gawk or peep, just that the neighbor felt they could. It says more about a wife's insecurity than anything else. Great answer for once. I'm sure all here agree with Abby on this one.


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      Well done Abby. Abby has always had this same basic attitude, even when it was her mother's opinion. As for the homeowners....they might want to get a legal opinion on this as well. FL can be a nudist heaven for many, but not everyone shares in the activity as evidenced by the basic complaint. If the complaining family presses this with the police, it might end with negative results. Not sure where these people live, but there are some "hybrid" communities north of Tampa that have a connected back yard to a clothing optional community pool, tennis courts,etc where you can relax outside, but the front yards require clothes. Hope the well...


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        Sounds like the woman thought it would be easier to talk to another female about it rather than, the more correct, her boys.


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          I'm not sure about the laws in Florida, but in California, this would become a big legal problem. If the neighbor were to complain to the authorities about the female swimming nude, it would result in multiple visits from police, probably a helicopter, and a verbal warning. If the male were the focus of the complaint, he would be arrested and charged as a sex offender on the first visit, with no evidence or actual proof of any kind. Life over.

          In this state, if you can be seen by others, even from an upstairs window looking onto your property, you lose. If your neighbor has to go out of their way to see you, like look over a wall, get on a ladder or climb up on a balcony or something, you may have a case. Unless, of course, you are a male, then it's off to sex offender land for you. After all, we have to protect the poor baby children from the evils of seeing naked men at all cost.

          Only in the USA can we be so screwed up about nudity. Land of the free? Right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Nope.