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Dear Abby Boys swim nude, while Girls were swimsuits

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  • Dear Abby Boys swim nude, while Girls were swimsuits

    Here is a Dear Abby Clip from last year about mom concerned about the boys swimming and hanging out completely naked while the girls wore swimsuit.
    See the attached image

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    Definitely an old one from the master of common sense.

    It says this event occurred in MN. There are many hundreds of lakes where this could have happened well into the 70's or even early 80s. I spend my summers now on a semi private lake up in the northern part of the state and am nude in my yard, out on the trails, and out on the lake while fishing as often as possible. I can't enter the boat nude due to proximity to a lodge marina and nearby cabins but once out on the water, I relax and move about the lake with little concern due to its overall remoteness and privacy. Call it my Eden...


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      When exactly was this column written? Dear Abbey has been published since 1956. Based on the response, "There is something quite natural about boys swimming naked ... Many schools and YMCAs utilize this as policy with boys in swim class and on swim teams", my guess is that this was written during the early years of the column.


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        Pauline Ester Phillips, nee Friedman died January 16, 2013 at the age of 94 in Minneapolis, Minn. She was well known as the writer of the "Dear Abby" advice column under the name Abigail Van Buren; thus the "Abby" moniker. This splendid column must have been from early-on in her career which started in the min-50's. It reflects a simpler time in America, one in which I hope that we can return to someday. I wish I had been brought up in such an open and honest household.


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          Cheers for Abby!! Well said ma'am, well said!


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            I recall a number of Dear Abby/Ann Landers columns (they were sisters) from the 60s where the topic of nudism and "nudist colonies" were discussed no doubt at the suggestion of an editor trying to stimulate reader interest and boost sales. I lived in Manhattan 1960-1961, swam at the local Boys Club, the pool was at street level-we wore trunks. Boy Scout Camp 1963-1967, swimming in the Delaware River-we wore trunks. People forget that 50-60 years ago standards of modesty and decorum were much higher and somewhat more rigidly enforced. You wanted to sknny dip, you found an out of the way spot and hoped nobody would talk.