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Minnesota man with penchant for nude yard work ordered to build fence

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  • Minnesota man with penchant for nude yard work ordered to build fence

    A rural Litchfield man has been sentenced to two years of supervised probation and ordered to build a fence after neighbors say they saw him doing chores and sunbathing outdoors while nude.

    moved to a rural area so he could pursue a nudist lifestyle.

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    All makes sense up to the requirement of psychological evaluation. I mean, as much as we on this site might not agree with it, we all understand the laws regarding nudity in public. Asking him to put up a fence is actually a far better way of dealing with it than arresting him, I'd say. That said, therapy brings along the implication that he's somehow mentally ill, and I really don't think that the simple desire to be naked should put him under that category.


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      Unfortunately, we don't have enough details to really make a judgement. What does "rural" really mean? How far away are the neighbors? Have they talked to the man and asked him to cover up? From the article, he has been cited/warned before by police.


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        I google other articles. One had " 58-year-old Larry Dean Fiero in the nude at his property on County Road 3 ". I google mapped that. It is indeed a very rural road. No neighborhoods. Just a few properties directly on the road with farm fields around and between. I think that if he would have just stayed in his back yard, he would have been fine.


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          He is lucky the ruling allowed him to take corrective action to prevent future observation. Here in the OC (Orange County, CA), he would likely have been arrested on charges of indecent exposure, which could have brought a range of negative consequences, including being required to register as a sex offender (the logic of that escapes me). This area is definitely not nudist friendly.


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            America...Land of the Free?


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              If you're happy and you know it rattle you chains.