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See you in the buff-et! A naked restaurant is opening in London

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  • See you in the buff-et! A naked restaurant is opening in London

    • - Pop-up eatery Bunyadi opens for three months in central London in June
    • - Guests in naked section given lockers and gowns, to be removed at table
    • - Owners aim to create night with 'no impurities', achieving 'true liberation'
    • - No phones or even electric lights and food is cooked on wood flame grill
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    It will work. For awhile.

    But what they are doing is what nudists have done for years. Most nudist parks have some type of eating/dining facilities - where you can dine in the nude.

    Forget the sitcom gag about nudists "dressing for all meals". That, kids, is a sitcom gag that was recycled too often. Not what really happens in nudism.

    Or, as I once said in another thread (search Nude Dining) -- clubs, groups, social nude gatherings, nude house parties - often offer dining opps for nudists. And there was an active nude dining group in the greater New York area, which seems to have fizzled out due to lack of interest.

    The Long Island Travasuns also annually held a naked fondue brunch, but the 2016 event was cancelled this year due to lack of interest.

    Then again, we've discovered that a lot of people can easily host house parties / pot lucks and those work out well. I've been to three in this off-season. Those work due to low cost, no fees, and as long as the host can handle the number of invitees in his/her/their home, it's good. Mrs lurk and I have a hard stop at 25.


    It also appears that those who take advantage of the nude dining in this UK restaurant -- while being able to go nude, will be isolated in a screened off area with members of their own party and no one else.

    In other words, it's not a restaurant with an open nude area., from what I'm reading. It's not a place where you go and see nude people. But you (and members of your group) can dine in the nude. I guess if you can't do that at home - or, the food is great at this place, it would have an audience of patrons.
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