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Dear Abby: revealing hospital gowns

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  • Dear Abby: revealing hospital gowns

    From the Apr 20 Dear Abby:

    Modesty Is in Short Supply at Suburban Hospital

    DEAR ABBY: I work at a large suburban hospital, and there's an issue that needs to be addressed. Patients walk around with their butts exposed! Patients are always given a second gown to use as a robe, but many of them decide not to use it.

    Abby, these are all alert, oriented people. In addition to staff, there are visitors (including children) and other patients walking in the halls.

    When someone runs up behind them to give them the second gown, these are some of the responses we are given: "Let 'em look!" (No one wants to.) "There's nothing to look at." (Yes, there is, and no one wants to.) "I've got nothing anyone wants to see." (Then why are you showing it off?) "No one cares about my butt." (That's right, and no one wants to see it.) "I'm not modest." (We're grossed out.) "This is a hospital; why does it matter?" (So, everyone should just walk around naked?)

    How do you think we should address this? -- NO BUTTS, PLEASE

    DEAR NO BUTTS: "Address" it by informing patients that wearing both gowns is a hospital rule. That would be a start. If you are asked why, tell the person that it's to prevent visitors and other patients from being offended by the sight of someone's uncovered "gluteus maximi." And if anyone gives you an argument, tell the person that's the way it is -- no ifs, ands or buts.

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    Or just have the hospitals start making gowns that, you know, don't provide mooning as a standard.


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      Full coverage gowns are available. That is not the point. Who's problem is it anyway? Certainly not the patient's. Why not avert your eyes? The gowns are open for a reason. If the patient doesn't care neither should anyone else. If the nurse cannot help but look, it's not the patient's problem.


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        Hospital gowns are among the dumbest designed clothes of all time. Just put them on backwards, like a bathrobe, and then if anyone complains, explain that you are a naturist, so don't always know how certain kinds of clothing are supposed to work.