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Nude panelist on Comedy Central's "@Midnighht"

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  • Nude panelist on Comedy Central's "@Midnighht"

    Comedian Rory Scovel participated nude as a panelist on Comedy Central's @Midnight program last night (or this morning). No none made any mention of his nudity, his female co-panelists, comedy/singer Riki Lindhome of Garfield and Oates, and author/comedian Jen Kirkman didn't show the least bit of discomfort or annoyance at Scovel's nudity, or for that matter any positive reaction to it. Even the live audience didn't react in any way out the ordinary. His nudity was ignored as if it was completely normal. The only oblique acknowledgment made at all was after the panel was introduced host Chris Hardwick said "and now I don't think there is anything else to be addressed.. Let's start the show." Comedy Central did blur Scovel's groin area when it was not being blocked by his podium, but didn't play cutesy camera games ala Austin Powers or alter the way they shot the video.

    Clearly everyone was in on the joke - he's naked but we are going to act like we don't notice or care. And in fact it played out as a completely normal episode.

    Now just imagine a world where this happens and people aren't just playing along with the joke. If the people on this show and their live audience is any indication, we are closer to a nudity/neutral society than the social arbiters will acknowledge.


    The video is up: you can watch it here
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