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Native Hawaiian Graduates Wearing Nothing but Cultural Pride

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  • Native Hawaiian Graduates Wearing Nothing but Cultural Pride

    University of Hawaii student John Kekaʻa Kahiewalu Kalauli "Kalā" Kaawa III never expected to receive a standing ovation after receiving his diploma at the school's commencement ceremony in January 2015. Then again, Kaawa didn't plan on stripping off his gown while on stage either.

    Kalā Kaawa celebrated his cultural pride by stripping down to a traditional Hawaiian loincloth - or malo - during his graduation ceremony.

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    Hate media stories like that. All of them are clothed, wearing traditional garb. To say "wearing nothing but cultural pride" is BS. Just meant to get clicks and ad hits. Should say "wearing nothing but traditional clothing", but that wouldn't be titillating enough to get people to wade through ads and pop ups to view the story. You're either naked or you're not. Additionally, those clothes do not look very comfortable. Just saying...