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Petition to allow nudity in part of NYC park

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  • Petition to allow nudity in part of NYC park

    Set aside an area of a New York City Park for Clothes Free Recreation

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    Signed it. That would be a good start. Every State and Federal park should have clothing optional areas. If this was a free country, we would have them already, but we all know that the "land of the free" is anything but...


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      I suspect its unlikely that I am the only one who feels uneasy with the petition's sentence: "We are working to educate and gain equal rights of those citizens who choose the clothes free lifestyle."

      To emphasize for politicians that personal sovereignty over clothing one's own body is a fundamental right enjoyed by everyone -- not a minority "lifestyle" -- I would have written something like: "We are working to illuminate and defend the inalienable and equal right of every citizen to choose for themselves when and in what manner to clothe themselves, with reciprocal respect for the personal clothing choice of others, without infringement by any other individual, group or government entity, and within the framework of clothing-neutral application of all laws regulating behavior."

      This of course raises the issue of why then are we petitioning for nudie ghettos?

      To build trust and understanding, perhaps a prerequisite is to work with authorities on an agreed and simple to understand (and enforce) "naturist code of conduct" that can be field-tested in a designated space? A petition is otherwise a blunt instrument that is in its nature confrontational, and predisposed to fail with the first unforeseen "incident." If we do the groundwork (with "Mitchel J. Silver" and colleagues?), then the petition may be unnecessary.

      Demanding the consistent application of universal principles, not petitioning for special status, is the main reason, I believe, for the recent successes of LGBT and FreeTheNipple movements.
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