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Their 4-year-old wants to sleep without clothes

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  • Their 4-year-old wants to sleep without clothes

    I have a 4-year-old who loves to be naked. I’m glad that she’s comfortable with her body, and I’m okay with her being without clothes at home, as long as it’s within certain boundaries. Over the past month or so, she has started to keep clothes on more during the day, but she still prefers to sleep in the buff. My parents, who live three hours away and have started to stay with us one weekend every month, are clearly freaked out by this. Because my parents are immediate family members, at first I thought the “house guest rule” didn’t necessarily apply, but they are clearly upset when she wants to be naked. I even overheard my father telling her that “good girls wear clothes” (which turned my stomach). I’m willing to keep clothes on her during the daytime of their visits, but for bedtime I feel as if there’s no truly good reason why she should have to wear pajamas. Am I being too freewheeling with my daughter’s nudity?

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    The grandparents are clearly overstepping their boundaries. Which should be communicated to them. It's not their home; it's their daughter's. No need to be harsh about it, but a conversation is in order. And it's not like her 4-year old just walks nude around the house.

    On a side-note, when my daughter was that age, it was the other way around. She was free to be nude around the house; but she always preferred sleeping with a nightgown. "Getting dressed to go to bed" was her thing. Her grandparents were ok with it because we made it clear that our home functioned in a "different" way.


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      That's always the way it's been here ... they can dress or undress to their comfort level. In the beginning, most of the grandkids were naked while swimming and running around the backyard. After swimming and during nap time, a couple would sleep in a t shirt or just panties and at night, usually nightgowns for the girls and shorts for the boys but none of them ever wore underwear to bed once potty trained. Our thoughts were that they could live as clothes free as they liked at our home if that was okay with their parents. Our daughters and son in laws always had the final say in how the kids were raised.

      I remember having a pool/BBQ party here with lots of family. Our grandkids were getting outta the pool and taking showers in the outdoor shower, complete with body soap and shampoo. After drying off, a few of them just remained naked amongst the other family guests and slowly and reluctantly sauntered into their room to slip into some clothes. My dad watches all of this and says to me ... "what are you runnin' here ... a nudist colony?" I chuckled and said, "they don't call them colonies anymore and ... yeah, we don't make a big deal outta them being naked if that's what they are comfortable with." My youngest sisters husband chimed in and said ... "yeah, this is a real progressive home here. You have no idea!" My sister and brother in law knew of our lifestyle and how we lived and vacationed.

      I agree that the grandparents are overstepping their boundaries.