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Exclusive: this is what it's like to eat at the naked restaurant

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  • Exclusive: this is what it's like to eat at the naked restaurant

    Next week, London's first 'naked restaurant' opens. As you may remember, the idea behind The Bunyadi is a kinda back-to-nature vibe, where staff and customers are unclothed, phones are banned and there's no electricity – with food being cooked over a fire and light coming from candles. A full week ahead of the public launch, we stripped off and went to eat dinner with unclothed guests.

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    At those prices (£55-£65 -- that's around $75-100) for a meal -- it had better be good. For those prices you could host a pretty good dinner party in your own abode,

    Obviously - you won't see any other naked people except for those in your own party.

    I do like the idea = leave your cell phones outside.


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      There is a clothing optional bar/restaurant in Key West, Florida. Been there.. nothing to write home about. Nudity is more of a novelty than anything else. A few women were topless, none nude during our visit. Very busy during Fantasy Fest for those already half naked from the festival and intoxicated. I presume the London restaurant is little more classy and more suited to real nudists.


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        I just read about one of these restaurants coming (just opened?) to Tokyo. Rumor has it they subject the diners to physical exams to ensure all patrons meet suggested "normal" BMI.


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          Really nature boy? Gee then it certainly is not run in the true spirit of nudism where as you and I know 'all bodies are 'normal'.


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            Originally posted by garbo View Post
            T..... I presume the London restaurant is little more classy and more suited to real nudists.
            At those prices, they're trying to attract a high-brow crowd. My best guess is that they are going for that upscale crowd and presenting it as a novelty.

            You use the term "real nudists" -- who often are members of social circles, or nudist clubs. You will note that some years ago I got into a nude dining thread, where a gentleman in Texas asked about nude dining options. The thread got a little contentious, and I began listing MY nude dining experiences and asked my challenger (NOT the original poster) to list his.


            "Real nudists" - as you call them, already have their own places. In your neck of the woods - Cypress Cove has a very good restaurant that permits nude dining, but you do not check your clothes in, and you don't dine in a man-made "tent". On the other hand, it's not veggie/vegan fare they're offering.

            Those of us who have friends in nudist circles already have nude dining experiences. In large groups - and in smaller ones, too. Here in New England, we have a number of pot luck dinners at our nudist parks and clubs -- we also have nude dining experiences among ourselves. I hosted a dinner party this winter, and attended three others within my circle of nudist friends. I suspect that those who are active in social nudism in the Greater London area are already doing the same.

            So I view this as a novelty. It will be interesting to see how they fare going forward (pun intended). But for my money, mrs lurk and I will put the money up, prepare a great dinner for several of our friends, and if/when they reciprocate, it's a better nudist experience.

            Now, before someone puts words into my mouth - a "real nudist" can be someone who lives alone with a nudist lifestyle, or someone who takes nude vacations, or someone who engages in social nudism, whether on public lands *or* within the auspices of a nudist group or club or resort. It's an all-encompassing term.
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              Somehow I thought of the old joke =

              (Waiter) = "Say, we don't get that many <whatever> in this restaurant!"
              (Nudist) = "And at these prices, you ain't gonna get too many more!"