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Orlando Bloom nude on vacation with Katy Perry

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  • Orlando Bloom nude on vacation with Katy Perry

    Even though paparazzi pics are questionable - namely when it comes to privacy, I thought it was interesting to note that the pics illustrate a common nudist "issue":

    Orlando Bloom is a nudist. While his current GF, Katy Perry, is not.

    I also wonder how textiles will react to Orlando's nudity - given the double standard when it comes to male vs female nudity.

    And I also wonder how Katy Perry's fan will react to her "real" body, cellulite and all.

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    Maybe she is but because of all the others on the beach with her, that were clothed in swimsuits, she wasn't as comfortable being nude as Mr. Bloom!? We'll see how she reacts or responds to media questions about this incident.
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      Very good point!! I did not take into account all the surrounding textiles.

      I guess Orlando fits in the "naked among the clothed" category of the forum!
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        Orlando Bloom might be fined because public nudity is illegal there

        Here are uncensored pics:


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          I think what bothers me more is not that he did this - but everyone's fascination with it. Reminds me of a South Park episode, where everyone has to rush home because they're going to say "****" on television.


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            Originally posted by NudonyII View Post
            Very good point!! I did not take into account all the surrounding textiles.

            I guess Orlando fits in the "naked among the clothed" category of the forum!
            Whether you're a believer or not ... what many of these celebs do affects the way young people view various topics and issues, including simple, non sexual nudity such as this incident. With Mr. Bloom's nude venture on the paddleboard with his significant other, Katy Perry ... also a influential celeb with the younger crowd, there's a statement being made that it's cool, it's hip, it's fun and it's okay to be naked, to be naked with friends and naked outside in the open where you might be photographed. Mr. Bloom's ex wife, Miranda Kerr, a model, was frequently photographed naked and seemed to be comfortable with her dress in public that left little to the imagination. These incidents, though not naturist/nudist, can help to open the minds of the younger crowd to at least contemplate trying non sexual nudity alone, with significant others or with friends.

            YNA is full of young people who don't necessarily buy into traditional nudism but enjoy nude parties, gatherings and functions. Some of them have adopted the nudist lifestyle while others prefer to do the "nude thing" as a hobby or just for recreational purposes. This situation with Mr. Bloom, in my opinion, would only garner more interest among this demographic.


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              I view this as very positive for nudism/naturism.

              There is nothing sexual about Mr. Bloom's nudity, and he obviously doesn't care if others around him remain clothed.

              He is nude just because it is enjoyable to be outside in the sunshine and playing in the water while nude.


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                I'll add that it is refreshing to see a young person who takes care of their body, doesn't indulge in tattoos or piercings, and even leaves their pubic hair intact.


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                  Orlando is nearing 40...but then again I guess "young" is a relative term.

                  The fact that he's uncircumcised (like some of us here) has also not gone unnoticed in the blogosphere.


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                    Seriously Mo Bait? His pubic hair intact or anyone else's is a real concern to a nudist and to you? Come on man ... do you really care that much!?
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                      ^^ You have my apologies if I've touched a nerve. I'm just not into the rubber chicken look.


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                        A nerve? Nah... didn't pay that close attention to the photo as you did, I suppose ... but just can't believe you're that concerned about someone else's pubic hair or lack there of. hahahahaha​ No worries man, keep the feathers on your chicken if that's what you prefer. It's all good!


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                          I find it rather amazing that this got so much attention on mainstream media as well as here. Kudos to him for being able to relax in comfort under such widespread targeted attention. But I find it most fascinating that he got more responses on here than the previous 2 weeks (?) worth of posts. So, what are the odds he has a resurgent career and we see more and simultaneously less of him in the coming months?


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                            We watched an episode of Graham Norton a couple weeks ago. One of his guests, Tom Hiddleston spoke about the nudity in his new movie. After being asked about his nude scenes, Tom said, "I think that it's only fair that the male leads in movies are as naked as their female counterparts are asked to be." To that, the two female actresses applauded him as did many of the women in the audience.

                            ​I don't put too much thought into these celebrities being naked and having some sort of positive impact on nudism but ... it certainly can help the fact that given their notoriety, it surely won't hurt!


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                              In regard to young people being positively influenced by casual nudity, Justin Bieber was not to be outdone by Orlando Bloom.

                              Here, photographed on his Hawaiian vacation with girlfriend, Sahara Ray: