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Naked Restaurants: Inside The Nude Trend For Naturist Foodies

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    A quote from the Forbes article =

    "The restaurant, installed temporarily in a former pub south of the city and conforming with another popular European trend of pop-up, unexpected eateries, will close soon after three months ..."

    indicates to me two things -

    1) this is a fad, a temporary trend - gimmickry.
    2) after the novelty wears off, the entrepreneur knows he's exhausted the market and moves on.

    We had a nude dining thread in here someplace. Many nudist parks and conventions and festivals afford the opportunity for nude dining.

    It bears repeating - if you get into a circle of nudist friends, you will likely have nude dining experiences of your own, without having to go out, get robes on, dine in a "tented off section" of a restaurant. That's what mrs lurk and I do. We have three nude dining parties (at least) in the "off season". For years, we've ALWAYS done that. We have a big party, we get invited to two or three others.

    If I'm gonna spend $100 on a dinner, I'd rather buy steak and prime rib, or something nice, and have a dining party for six-eight-ten friends here at the house. Less stress, more fun, more informal, and more room. We don't have to get dressed and leave after we're finished eating.

    This "naturist restaurant" gimmick does not sound like social naturism - so, guys, if you think it's an opportunity to meet new nudist friends - they way the London restaurant describes it - IT ISN'T. Go to a nudist park or resort when they have a barbecue or something like that. Go to a TNS gathering or festival or AANR or FCN convention. There you can dine nude and even meet new people.

    Finally - it also bears repeating - NUDISTS DO NOT (NECESSARILY) DRESS TO DINE. That "urban legend" comes from an old sitcom gag, recycled at least twice. First appeared in a good but short-lived show "Good Morning World" in the late 1960s, later on a VERY short-lived (I think a "13 and out") show called "On Our Own", and finally, and unfortunately, lives on today in "Golden Girls" reruns on nostalgia channels.

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      I have to agree ... though we've never dined out at a public restaurant and were able to be nude, the best nude dining experiences have been with close friends at our home, their home or at a nude resort with a restaurant. Actually, one of the best nude dining experiences we had was at the restaurant at Laguna Del Sol in Wilton, CA. 90% of those in the restaurant were naked. Only a couple of women had a sarong/pareo on. One of the worst nude dining experiences we had ... a nude resort in Tampa. We were not only, the only couple naked and dining, but the rest of those in the dining room were completely covered or completely dressed AND were giving us the evil eye for being naked! I asked the server ... "are we suppose to be dressed/covered to eat in here?" She said "no, they are the weird ones. Who comes to a nude resort to be dressed?"