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The joy of being naked

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  • The joy of being naked

    A good article by Bryony Gordon (in the Dail Telegraph) about being naked. And recent UK events etc. Not naturism but just being naked.

    We have just moved from a flat to an entire house, all 1,300 sq ft of it, and with home ownership has come quite a few revelations.

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    My GF would be able to relate to this article.

    Before she met me she swore by her PJ's and always having something on at home; for "comfort." Nudity at home just "wasn't comfortable" to her - something which she told me more times than was necessary. Nonetheless when I moved in she started sleeping nude - reluctantly parting with her PJ's - and lo and behold found that she woke up more invigorated every morning.
    Then, when it got warmer, she found out one day that walking past the window after showering provided her with a refreshing breeze. I encouraged her to hang up her towel and try air-drying - which she reluctantly did - and lo and behold she found that being nude after showering was also very invigorating.
    Now she spends a good amount of time nude or topless at home, and lo and behold she actually enjoys it!

    So many people dismiss nudity at home as being "uncomfortable"; without thinking about at least trying it. If they did they might find out it's actually more comfortable!


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      My wife was the same way in the beginning of our marriage. She would be naked with me when I was home for the weekend from military duty or on leave (vacation) but when I left to go back to the ship, she went back to being textile at home. It wasn't til I was out of the Navy and home every night that she realized how much better she felt being naked all the time. She didn't sleep well in nightgowns or t shirts. She did feel comfortable and not as vulnerable when I was home or at work. She said she was glad I was home all the time because she slept nude all the time and slept more soundly and just felt better.​

      After I got on the fire dept. She kinda reverted back to wearing a lightweight t shirt to bed and felt vulnerable again while I was gone for those 24 hrs or longer. That didn't last long as she began not sleeping as well again and found that as soon as she ditch the t shirt once again, she slept better and felt better. I was always the one that wanted to leave a function, party ... anything where I had to be dressed for a long period of time, early so we could get home and I could get naked. Wasn't long til she was the one that would say ... "lets go home so I can get outta these clothes."

      It's too bad many more reluctant women don't try it and just give it a chance. They'll do it once and say ... "it's okay but not for me." If it was okay the first time, think of what it would be like if you tried a few more times and gave it some time. I think many of our textile female friends won't give it a first time try. Too bad for them.