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Why Your Should Sleep Naked

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  • Why Your Should Sleep Naked

    We’ve mentioned before that sleeping in the nude has all sorts of benefits, including deeper, better sleep and helping you stay cool while you rest, but this video from DNews wraps up all of those benefits nicely, and adds some more we haven’t discussed.

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    When my GF and I started dating, she swore by her PJ's: insisting that was the most comfortable way to sleep, she couldn't really sleep well without them, etc...
    When I moved in with her, she insisted on keeping on her PJ's to sleep while I went to bed nude.
    Every so often though, we'd hang out nude and she'd end up going to sleep still nude.
    Then one week that ended up happening several nights in a row.

    And she confessed - after the fact - that on her second or third night of sleeping nude, she slept better, more peacefully, and woke up more invigorated than she'd ever been wearing her "trusty PJ's".

    Statistically, about 8% of people sleep nude. That means 92% of people think that sleeping with "a little something on - for comfort" is better for them. smh...


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      The first two years of our marriage, my wife slept with something on while I returned to the ship for duty. On weekends or longer, when I was home, she always slept naked and always felt better. I tried to convince her that she should just sleep naked while I was gone but she didn't feel comfortable or safe. She told me that once I had been discharged from the service and was home all the time ... it was the best sleep she'd ever had. ​

      When I was hired by the FD, I was gone for 24 hrs minimum. She started to wear a t shirt to bed while I was gone and then nude when I was home. The mornings I'd get home from working the prior 24 hrs, she'd be cranky and irritable and say, "I didn't sleep well." She finally figured out that it was the things she was wearing to bed that kept getting tangled up around her arm pits and neck. She finally stopped wearing things to bed and slept quite well and was in a much better mood when I'd come home!

      She sleeping naked all the time probably saved our marriage! hahahahaha