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Why we need to bring back the art of communal bathing

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  • Why we need to bring back the art of communal bathing

    This is something nudists seem to understand better than most. But it is far from a nudist thing - communal bathing of one sort or another has been a staple of most ancient cultures.
    For most of the history of our species, in most parts of the world, bathing has been a collective act. In ancient Asia, the practice was a religious ritual believed to have medical benefits related to the purification of the soul and body. For the...

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    As fascinating an idea as it is unlikely. Just as churches were supplanted by newspapers and now social networks as the focus of a sense of community, communal bath houses reflected the sociology of an era, or, as in Sweden and Japan, are an embedded remanent of a broader sense of cultural identity.

    But updated for modern cities, why not rooftop communal gardens that serve both environmental purposes and as a social meeting place, like a lunchtime or after-work place where you can leave your work costume (whether Dior or overalls) at the door and have a relaxing shower, drink and chat before plunging back into the Cityscape. Sort of an neighborhood-based antidote to the culture of global cyber-segmentation.